Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Lazy Kind of Day for Art...

Today I'm enjoying some quiet time...just drawing. I have a painting in the works but it isn't ready yet. I have it on the mantel so I can look at it. That's where I "preview" or "audition" my work. I can sit back from it and see what it needs.

This is what I did today...

I had drawn out some of the outlines yesterday
so today it was all about filling in.

This is a close-up of the lower left corner.
I love doing this kind of drawing!
I can lose myself for hours doing this.

Maybe later I'll get out and go to Michael's. I need some black gesso and a couple of other things. And then maybe I'll just stay home and do more drawings...who knows. It's that kind of day. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Art...

I've been working on a new painting and finally, late last night, I finished it. I'm calling it "In the Garden of Fun"...

I'm going to try and enter this in an art show that is coming up soon. It's a juried show so I probably won't get in but I'm going to give it a try.

I'll also enter the red flowers that got second place at the fair. Unfortunately I can't enter the first place winner from the fair because it's too big! The show only wants paintings up to 16"x24" and that painting is 20"x20"...I even called to make sure about the size.

I also finished my doodle art last night...I had a productive evening while HB watched TV.

This is a bit edgier than some of my doodles but I like how it turned out. It's always fun to put that first line on a clean white piece of paper and then to see where it leads me.

I have a busy day of errands and grocery shopping ahead of me so I better get busy. Have a good day...

PS - I know I posted this earlier but I wanted to link it with Paint Party Friday so I've edited this post.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Some WIPs and a Surprise...

First I'm sharing a couple of things I'm working on right now. One is just a doodle drawing, inspired by something I saw on YouTube and the other is a marker piece I'm doing in preparation for a new painting. First the doodle drawing (WIP)...

This is the kind of thing I like to do while keeping HB company at night when he watches TV. I can doodle and still keep up with the show if I want to, or I can completely zone out and not pay attention at all.

This is the marker piece that will eventually become a painting...that may or may not look anything like this in the end! I like to test drive some of my paintings and I usually do that with markers. They're fast and easy to use and I can get results that give me a good idea as to whether or not I want to pursue it any farther.

Yesterday I went to pick up my paintings from the fair. They told us to go in, find our paintings and bring them to the front to check out. I found mine right away...and thought I'd share the paintings with their ribbons. I know you're probably sick of seeing these and I apologize...

 First place/First in Abstracts

Second Place in Floral

Third place in Abstracts...
where's the painting, you ask...
it sold!

HB seems to think someone from Legacy Commons bought it but I don't know. Whoever bought it I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it. (If you didn't see my post about winning earlier you can go here to see the third place painting.) Plus I didn't realize that I won money for winning prizes so I had a check waiting for me for the three ribbons I won. All in all it was a good day!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

It Was a Book Day...

Recently my art journal class has been interested in making their own books so I've been trying out a few more styles. Being the teacher means I have to know how to do it before I can show someone else! I have taken several book binding classes...a couple with Mary Ann Moss and also some with Julie Prichard but it was several years ago. I've been wanting to do more book binding but just never seemed to do it. With a new incentive I got busy.

The Coptic binding has always interested me so that was the first one I tried.

This book is about 7" x 11"...the covers were from a Japanese cookbook leftover from my book selling days. I covered it with painted newspaper. Inside I used 140 lb watercolor paper. I'm pleased with how it turned's nice and tight but not too tight. A perfect new art journal!!

My next attempt was Japanese stab binding...
(there's kind of a Japanese theme here!)

This one is very basic. I used the backs from paper pads as the covers, and plain printer paper for the pages. It's the size of the printer paper...8.5" x 11"...this will be used for quick sketches or notes.

If you're interested in learning these techniques I found some excellent videos on YouTube by Sea Lemon.

I had a fun day learning new techniques that I can share in my class, and I'm sure I'll be making more of these books in the future. Books have always been a huge part of my life, whether reading them, collecting them or selling them, and now I can add making them. I am definitely a book gal!

PS - I'm also working on a new painting. I should be able to share it with you in a day or so. And I also have another project in the works...the one I gave you a teaser of with the foam board. That will be coming up soon, too. 

Have a happy day!!! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three for Three...

This year I've been stepping out of my comfort zone and showing my art in more places. Last year I thought about entering my art in the local county fair but chickened out. This year I did it. I entered three paintings.

When I took the paintings over to the fair I felt intimidated by the other art I saw there but I had paid my entrance fees so I went ahead.

Monday when I arrived at Legacy Commons to teach my class, everyone at the front desk was smiling more so that usual. Then I noticed a big poster/card on an easel in the lobby that said "Congratulations Janet Briggs"...and they told me I won first place.

I had to see it with my own eyes and sure enough I painting won a 1st place in its division, abstracts; another painting won a 2nd place in its division, florals;  and the third painting won a 3rd place in abstracts, the same division where I won 1st!!

I'm sorry that I look all washed out but the lighting in the building was terrible and I was very tired and hungry. HB and I had just spent four hours monitoring the photography exhibit! But at least you can see me and my paintings. I was thrilled to win on each painting I entered. Beginner's luck for sure since this is the first time I've ever entered anything in a fair.