Monday, March 02, 2015

Painting and a Bit of Spring...

Here are some of my paintings lined up in the living room...

I was trying to decide which ones to submit for the art show.

And here are three panels I'm prepping with book pages. 

I'm not sure where they're going or what they will be...
don't pay any attention to the red and yellow edges.
Earlier I started something that didn't turn out right.
Most likely later the edges will be painted black.

I hope these next photos don't make you mad at me!

This is our nectarine tree. It already has blossoms!
So do the almond trees in the front yard.

I know most of the country is suffering with a terrible winter
so don't hate me.
(These pics were taken on February 28th.)

Sunday, March 01, 2015

A Change of Pace...

Besides painting and doing art, I love to crochet and lately I've been learning to knit (again.) I go to a beginner knitting class at Legacy Commons and enjoy the interaction with other beginning knitters. The instructor, Denise, is very good and has a ton of patience.

In February our group began making baby hats to donate to the local hospital. Denise is a pediatric nurse and knows what is needed for donations. We made simple little hats...

These are the ones I made. They're mostly knitted but I also did a few crocheted hats at home. I actually made 13 hats but only managed to get a photo of 12. We put hearts on most of the hats for Valentine's Day. I think they turned out pretty darn cute.
Now I'm busy making dishcloths. I just love all the bright colors I found in Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

I also have purple, lime green, denim, and a variegated blue but they didn't make it into the basket.

Here are a few of my finished dishcloths.

I can usually get two dishcloths from each ball of yarn with a little left over.
I use the leftovers for stripes. 
Above you can see two purple dishcloths...
and one lime green dishcloth with a purple stripe.
It works out perfectly.

I have finished nine dishcloths so far. I'm trying different patterns and I love them! They're something useful and as long as I can make them in bright colors I don't mind doing dishes once in a while!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Paintings on Display...

Bright colors are what I love...and that's what I like to use when I paint. 

Winter Sunset

This was inspired by something I saw on YouTube quite some time ago. I made a quick sketch in my "idea book" and promptly forgot about it. A couple of weeks ago I was going through the idea book to see if something would inspire me and Voila! This is one of the paintings that will be on display at Legacy Commons for the next couple of months. These are the others...

Planting the Earth

Above is the painting that won first place in abstracts at the AV Fair last summer.
I don't have a really good photo of it...the colors are much brighter.

Happy-ness in Red

And this one won second place in florals.

I hope to have some more new paintings to share soon. I'm trying to keep busy in the studio. See you soon!

Friday, February 27, 2015

My Messy Studio...

My studio is a frenzy of work right now. I have paintings and canvases everywhere as you can see in this photo...

Please, don't look at the dirty floor!
My studio floor doesn't get cleaned very often...
there's too much stuff in the way!
Thank goodness it's painted concrete.

I'll be sharing some of the finished pieces in the next few weeks but for now it's all a WIP.
Next Thursday evening Legacy Commons will be having a reception to showcase the art of many of the people who come to the painting group. I will have three paintings on display. It should be a fun evening and I'll share photos later next week.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Sad Art Journal for 2015

I'm back from my "big night at the Oscars"...and also from a very long blog break. I didn't plan to be away so long. It just happened. So many things going on right now.

My art journals have suffered lately. I got a book ready so I could begin a fresh journal for 2015, and I did start it...I just didn't get very far. Somehow the first of the year begs me to start some huge project which I enter into wholeheartedly. But I soon lose interest. I admire artists who can commit to doing 365 of something. I doubt if I'll ever accomplish that!

This is the first page of my "new" journal.
I used an old spiral bound book I already had.
Just glued the pages together to make them stronger.
I plan to do more doodles on this page,
 plus add "2015" on the large black area.

This was the first week of January...
when I was really sick.

Second week and I was still sick.
It's difficult to write anything interesting
when you feel like crap!

There are two more spreads that are finished but I didn't take pics of them yet. This journal has so much more personal writing than any of my other art journals. For years I kept written journals but ever since I've been doing art journals I've left out the writing. I may try to put more of it in this year.

Sadly, after January I quit working in this journal! I'll keep trying to add to it throughout the year. It's a big book even with the pages glued together.