Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Purple, Orange and Green...

I'm loving this art journal technique
and have finished another spread in my big journal...

I picked random paint colors of purple, green and orange then pulled out a stack of things I'd cut from magazines and books and just chose a few things not even thinking much about the colors. I was quite surprised at the things I picked when I got them all laid out on the page. And even though I had no theme in mind I still have one...eyeglasses!

On the left page above there was some kind of weird tree/plant drawing in the book on the upper left corner. I utilized it, added paint and doodles and it became a headdress for the woman wearing eyeglasses. Some of the orange flowers in the bottom corner were also on the book page and I just enhanced and added to them. The little alphabet sampler reminded me of an eye chart which fit right in with the green eyeglasses.

This right side of the spread has the orange eyeglasses and a purple silhouette of the woman. She had a couple of orange dots in weird places so I added more and tried to make them look intentional. Some of the leaf and flower shapes were in the book but again I enhanced and added to them. The larger flower/rose image on the right side is actually a scarf all rolled up.

Then I added some washi tape and lots of doodles on both pages and it was finished. It all came together very easily so maybe I'm back in my groove again. I sure hope so.

I did a small face sketch but I think I'll save the faces and post them once a week. That may work better for me.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

And So it Begins...

I'm starting off the month in a very creative mood so I hope I can keep it going. This is my birth month and it's always been a pretty good month for me.

I recently learned a new journaling technique from a good friend (you know who you are!!)...and I know I'll be using this many, many times. Here is a spread I did yesterday...

This is the whole spread...and is done in my big altered book 
which is about 14" x 10" so this spread is 20" across.
I love working in a big journal!!

Above is the left page...

And this is the right page.
There's a lot going on but I like that.
My motto is more is better!


On another note I'm going to unofficially do 29 Faces this month. I say unofficially because I haven't signed up for it but I'm going to be posting some faces. Here is a small sketch that I started quite some time ago and finished up just last night...

The photo quality isn't too good but I like her.

Now I'm off to begin Paint Mojo the e-course...I'm excited to do this class. I love Tracy Verdugo's style of painting and recently took her mini class Animalitos which was fun. And I have already started another journal spread so look for that coming soon.

PS - I decided to make the 29 Faces official as you can see from the button over there on the side. Wish me luck!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Me and My Sketchbook...

I'm feeling much tummy bug has decided to go live somewhere else. I've been sketching a bit more since most of the time I was relaxing in bed. I'm not one of those people who can take their art supplies to bed and work in a journal. I'm much too messy for that. So I stick to pencils, pens, and my sketchbook.

Here is a face I'm working you can tell, she isn't ready for her close-up!

I also managed to do a flower design...

As much as I love color, I also love the simplicity of plain black and white pen sketches. They seem clean and fresh to me. I'd like to offer some of my black and white designs for sale as coloring pages if I can figure out how to make a PDF that is downloadable one time. I know how to make the PDF but it's the part about making it download once (for each person) and then be gone that has me stumped. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

On another subject, I recently saw an article online that has me wondering...

This article told about a man who takes screenshots of Instagram photos and is selling them at a show and it's all legal! He isn't selling the photo, he's selling the screenshot! Here is the website in case you want to read about this. This makes me mad, and also makes me less inclined to use Instagram. Not that I think my art is so special but it's mine and shouldn't be used by anyone else to make money unless I say they can. What do you think??