Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Thanksgiving...A Bit Late

Better late than never is my motto...I haven't had any time to post about our Thanksgiving so bear with me.

We had such beautiful weather that day. It was so warm we had the patio doors open most of the day. I think the temperature made it into the high 70's. I was actually hoping for chilly weather so we could have had a fire in the fireplace but no such luck.

The house was cleaned to within an inch of its life!!
HB helped me and it all looked so nice even if I do say so myself.
You can see the sun streaming in the front window.


The table was set and waiting for guests...
(I hate that chandelier!)

We had eight people including me and HB. Luckily my daughter and grandson were able to make it at the last minute. We thought they were going to have to work but they didn't. It was a fun day with lots of laughing, chatting, and mostly eating! HB cooked a 22 pound turkey and a spiral cut ham. We also had all the traditional side dishes. One of our guests brought homemade cranberry sauce which was very good. But my favorite part of the meal (any meal!!) was the desserts. I made a pumpkin pie and a turtle cheesecake. My guests brought a banana cream pie and some pumpkin bites. It was all yummy! The only food I managed to get a photo of was the cheesecake...please overlook the Christmas plate it's on. I didn't have any plate big enough except for that one. No one seemed to mind!

In case you would like to try it, the recipe for the cheesecake can be found here. It was soooo good!

Julie Balzar has a challenge going on this month, to carve a stamp each day. I love carving stamps so this is right up my alley. The only problem is I only had those small white erasers to carve on. So for my first day nothing too exciting...just my initials...

As you can see on my trial print, I tried two different "B" stamps but liked the one without the centers. Now I just have to get some carving blocks so I can do something a bit more exciting for the coming days. I'm not sure I'll make a stamp every single day but I will definitely make a few.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Bit of Art...a Bit of Knitting...

HB and I have been doing our fall house cleaning so things have been topsy-turvy around here. We're almost finished, and it's a good thing because we're having Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Two women from my art journal class will be is single and the other is married and her grown son and husband will be joining us, too. Hopefully my daughter will be able to be here but her work schedule might upset the apple cart. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she will not have to work on Thanksgiving.

The art situation has been glum but this morning I managed to do a little bit. I have had a couple of sheets of scrapbook paper with images from from Russia that looks like this...

and another one from England. Unfortunately I didn't think to snap a pic of it before I worked with it.

I used neocolor II's for the face and a water soluble ballpoint pen with water for the outlines.

I like how she turned out. I'm calling it Dreaming of Home...much of my family comes from England.


I think I've mentioned that I'm going to a beginner's knitting class at Legacy Commons. The woman who teaches it is fantastic...very patient and kind. I've had knitting lessons before but I never made anything more than a scarf and I never followed a pattern...until now! Here is my first ever project following a pattern...

I made slippers! I haven't put the cord through the holes yet, and I'm also going to add a pom-pom to the toe. I know they aren't perfect but I'm so excited to have made them and most of it was done at home after Denise (the instructor) got me started. I just used some left-over yarn I had but I think they look pretty good.

That gave me the confidence to start something else on my own. I made a dishcloth. I know that might not seem like much to anyone who knits but for me it was my first project started and finished completely on my own using a pattern.

It's a little wonky but for dishes it will be just fine. Now I think I'll try a shawl. I may become a knitter after all. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Magnolia Kiss

I haven't had much time to make art but yesterday during class I managed to do a little bit. I finished this up this morning...

I used paper napkins for her flowers and the butterfly. I did the face with Neocolor II's and like how it turned out. I thought she looked as if she was going to kiss the butterfly so I named her Magnolia Kiss.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Birds and a Girl...

Some people in my journal class requested I do another demo on how I do mixed media art so I did another girl...

Most of this background was already done and had been hanging around in my studio. I just did a bit more to it and added the girl.

Then if you remember I showed another background in my previous post...I finished it yesterday. Here it is...

The lighting wasn't very good when I took this. It's much more vibrant in real life. Since I already had most of  the word "family" up at the top, and the birds were already stamped, it felt right to add a Momma bird.

I still had birds on my mind so this one came together really fast. I did most of this background in my class and added the rest once I got home.

That's all I have for now. Today is our errand day so I won't have much time for art. It's finally cooled off and we've actually had some fall-like weather...we even had a fire in the fireplace a couple of nights ago. Our first one of the season. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope wherever you are that you're having some good weather, too.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More This and That...

Yesterday was my journal class and several of the women had requested doing something doll-like for their journals. So this is what I did...

It's actually done on a wood plaque from the Dollar Store but it could easily be done in a journal as they soon found out. I'm still challenged by the fact that many of them want "perfection" in their art. I've been trying for over a year to get them to let go and just play but some of them just can't do it. I was hoping this technique would loosen them up because it's that "messy" style of art. Next week I'll see if it worked!

They "ooh" and "ahh" over my journals but can't seem to understand that to get "that" look they have to be willing to just let things happen however they happen.

This journal spread is all magazine pages...even the black background. I did some of my fake writing in white all over the pages and then added  bright flowers. Nothing great, but I had fun with it. For some reason I love doing the fake writing. That's one area where I'm fairly neat (my handwriting) so maybe I like the messiness of it.

On this journal spread I had scraped off some different shades of brown paint, then much later tried out a stamp I made using red paint. It sat like that for quite some time and recently I added the red and brown circles and other dots and embellishments. It needs some words so they will come next. I've found that many of my journal spreads take a long time to finish. I put something down, then leave it until I feel inspired again.

And lastly, here's a background that I'm working on. Not sure where it's going yet but I have a couple of ideas. Most of the things I do like this go to the salon to be sold.

Today I'm doing laundry (one of my favorite chores) and trying to catch up on some classes I've taken. It's sunny and going into the high 70's today. I hope you have a great day!!