Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I spent most of the day in my studio working on projects. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll be able to share some of them with you. Creating is vital to my sanity, and to my health. Surrounded by beads, and threads of all colors and textures, and little snips of this and that I can lose myself for hours. Suddenly there will be a tap-tap-tap on the door, and I'm back in the real world again and HB is asking "Are you gonna stay up here all day?" I'd like to say "YES" but I don't. I allow him to enter my sanctuary, spend a few minutes chatting and then follow him downstairs....but all the while my mind is spinning with new ideas and things I want to try. Will that red bead work on that current project or should I try another color? Could I put a little bit of that with this....what would it look like? Keeping my ideas in check is difficult. At times I rattle off thoughts at rapid-fire speed and poor HB tries to follow but I'm afraid I leave him in a daze. He's very good at appearing to listen to all my ideas....which is really saying something!

The other "someone" who gets upset with me for staying in my studio, is LuLu. She gets very uppity about having the door closed in her face. She will sit ouside the door meowing and scratching and then when I open the door she turns and walks away. HB and I have 2 cats. LuLu is the indoor cat and Harley is the indoor/outside cat. Harley really should have been named The Fonz....he has such a Fonz-like personality! He's way cool! He couldn't be bothered with anything like trying to enter my studio. He's more into chasing LuLu, sleeping on one of the beds, and purring like crazy. I'm adding a photo of Harley with his "don't bother me" look on his face. Isn't he handsome!!

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