Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fun on the weekend....

This is going to be a fun day! HB is beginning the process of crown molding in the family room! I may help, if the need arises. I'm very good at handing things to him while he's on the ladder. I'm also good at reading directions, which he seldom does. I keep him supplied with water and just generally stand on the side-lines, cheering him on.

He will also be installing speakers for our surround sound system. I don't worry about anything electrical as that is his area of expertise. It's nice to have a guy who knows how to fix things or make things or just do things around the house. The very desk that holds my computer, as well as too many other things, was designed and built by HB. It's very functional, has several levels/shelves and is two-sided so that we each have a side to ourselves.

We have a very small office space so he designed the desk to take up most of the center of the room. He also designed it with rounded corners so that we wouldn't be bumping into a sharp edge when we walked around it. He's always thinking..... I'll try to get some photos to show later but it's a bit cloudy right now.

Now, for my project. I began another tote bag that may or may not include some tapestry crochet! I'm winging this one....making it up as I go along. Dangerous, I know! I'm using worsted weight yarn and a "D" size hook. I tried to go with a "C" but my hands just didn't like doing that! It's very tightly crocheted and so far this is what I have to show....

And another view....

Of course, it's in shades of purple....what else! I'll continue to show my progress each day or so. Hopefully, that will be my incentive to keep going with it. Another of my bad habits is to start something and as soon as I know I can do it, then I lose interest! Bad, I know.

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