Monday, March 13, 2006

Little Traveling Purses

When HB and I were full-time RVers, space was always a factor followed closely by weight. No, not mine! Although I guess it was a factor, too. But the things we carried with us had to be light weight. Did you ever try to find "lightweight" books??! I used to hide things in every little nook and cranny of that RV. To this day I'm not sure HB knew of all the things I had in there! If you're old enough to remember, think Lucille Ball in the "Long, Long Trailer" and the rocks. That was me!

One of the things that I began doing was lots of crochet. But one can only make so many afghans and then all your friends and family start hiding when they see you coming with another one. So I began messing around with smaller things. Doilies just don't do it for me. I'm not a doily kind of gal. I can't actually remember how I struck on the idea of little purses but that's what I started making. I wanted intricate color designs so I began improvising with counted cross-stitch patterns. I also modified some knitting patterns to get the designs I wanted. Finally I had to start making up my own designs on graph paper.

These little purses are made by carrying the extra color at the back. And I always had to tell HB when I was working on one of them...."don't talk to me while I'm counting"....basically I counted every stitch of the design on every row. I didn't want to get confused! I think these were made using a #4 or 5 steel crochet hook.

I don't have many of these left. I did give some away and bartered a couple for other things. Here is a plain red one that is about 5" tall excluding the decorative edging. This one is just a simple "make-it-up-as-I-went" purse with no design in it.

Here is a smaller black one I did. It's one of my favorites because it has PURPLE in it. Anyone who knows me, knows that purple is my all-time favorite color. If it's purple, I like it. Back to the is about 4" tall excluding the edging at the top. The photo isn't the best. The small band at top and bottom is a gold metallic thread. I love this little design. I modified this from a knitting book.

I will post more photos in the next few days. Hope you enjoyed these little purses as much as I enjoyed making them. There may even be some new ones coming soon. I feel that urge to work little again. I love details.


  1. Gail Massey7:38 PM

    What great little bags, and I can think of several uses for these, really love the design in the purple one.

  2. Debbi Brown2:01 PM

    The bags are adorable! One of these days I will have to visit for a lesson!


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