Sunday, March 19, 2006

Peaceful Sunday, Not

Sundays are supposed to be relaxing and peaceful....aren't they? Mine has been anything but. First thing today, HB and I had computer problems or I guess I should say "connection" problems. Everything was going sooooo s - l - o - w that we couldn't get anything done. And we have DSL!

Later I tried to do a new entry on here and for some reason when I posted it, it changed my entire blog! Took away all the things on the right side of the page, changed all the fonts and was horrible looking. So I deleted the entire entry, turned off my computer and went upstairs to my work room.

Before I could do anything in there, I had to spend over an hour just clearing off the table so I could maybe start working on something. I never have learned how to put things away as I use them! And when I'm doing some project, I usually have all kinds of things pulled out so I can test to see if I want to use them.

Just about the time I finished cleaning the space, wouldn't you know....I decided I was hungry! That never happens! So downstairs I went to raid the fridge. I think you get the picture....not much got accomplished. I did finally get out one of my finished projects and proceed to take it apart because I suddenly had an idea to make it better. Time will tell!

So long story short....I don't have anything to show you today. Hopefully tomorrow.

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