Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spring is just around the corner....

I think Spring is almost here! I just took this photo a couple of days ago. It's some kind of decorative plum tree that resides in our front yard. Most of the time it's ok but for a few weeks in the summer, this tree is my worst nightmare! It gets these small, cherry-like fruits that drop all over the ground, and when they do they kind of squish with purple-ish juice that stains like crazy. I would dearly like to get my hands on whoever planted this particular tree....I think I'd wring their neck!! The tree is planted between the driveway and the sidewalk so that all those little fruits drop right where everyone walks up to the front door. And no matter how careful I am, a few of those stains end up on my carpets. All summer long the sidewalk is this yukky purple spotted mess no matter what I do. Each day I take a small pail and crawl around the yard picking up those little fruits....and each day there are just as many as I picked up the day before. So pretty but messy is how I would describe this tree....and I hope I never live near one again!

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  1. The fruit stage sounds annoying, but the flower stage sure makes some lovely photos!


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