Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ten Balls of Yarn

My daughter is the best thrift store shopper. She came by today to bring me ten balls of yarn she recently found at a thrift near her home. She got all the yarn for $3.99! It's a beautiful red raspberry (the label calls it cerise) wool and mohair from France. In the photo it looks shiny but it isn't. I'm pretty sure this is an older yarn that's been discontinued. I love it. Can't wait to find a pattern and get started.

Here's a close-up....sorry you have to look at my old hand!

On another note, I painted most of the day. I've been working on a couple of watercolors. Here's one. What do you think?

I haven't finished it still needs something. I'm thinking about putting my images on cards. My daughter thinks tee shirts and tote bags. Decisions.... decisions!


  1. Your daughter is one sharp shopper--what gorgeous yarn. And I love the drawing, too. The colors blend beautifully and the serene face gives it a wonderful zen feeling. Love to see it on some notecards! And those crochet tapestry bags in your earlier post are amazing. I didn't know crochet could look like that!

    Like you, I, too, am a new blogger, but isn't it fun? I love looking at all the fabulous creations, and I love that blogging inspires me to create more. I look forward to seeing more of you work. Thanks!

  2. it's amazing the deals you can find at the thrift shops! i don't go very often but the last time I did i bought a bag of buttons for $3. when I got home and poured them out they ended up filling a 40 oz jar. that's a lot of buttons!

    i really, really like your painting. i think notecards and t-shirts would be good. i think it will depend on where you are selling them.


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