Friday, March 31, 2006

This is a RED letter day

No, the red letter day isn't about taxes....our appointment went better than expected so we're doing the happy dance today. But there's even more to be happy about today. The specialness of this day is all about HB.

I'm stealing a line from DebR to tell you that today is the 29th anniversary of HB's 29th birthday! Yep, the word is out....I'm married to a younger man! Robbed the cradle, and all that stuff.

Here is a photo of HB and his little brother. The back of the photo says HB is 6 years old. It must be Easter time since he's holding an egg. I don't think he went around holding eggs just for the fun of it! I love the hat and the sport coat....very grown up. The only hats I've ever seen HB wear are baseball caps and the occasional cowboy hat so this is a treat.

Happy birthday HB....and many, many thanks for being the wonderful guy you are.


  1. Happy Birthday to hubby! Is it all right if I just chose to imagine that he does go around holding an egg all the time? It just feel right!

    Yeah for tax hapiness!

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Oh yes, Young and Tender!


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