Thursday, April 06, 2006

And so it begins

Ever since I saw the personal dictionary idea on DebR's blog, I wanted to do one. Her friend Laume has set up some guidelines and is calling it Wordplay. So here's goes....

A – is for apple, isn't that how it always begins? I'll have mine with a bit of peanut butter, please.
A – is for apathy, a word and a feeling I dislike.
A – is for almonds. They grow in my front yard.
A – is for "all righty then"....I love saying this!
A – is for asymmetrical....the way I like things to be arranged.
A – is for it in most every form.
A – is for arithmetic (old version of math!) I was never good at it in school, thanks to Mr. Brown!
A – is for alphabet blocks. I like the cute baby versions, and the ones made of felt.
A – is for "The Artist’s Way"....a book I enjoy.
A – is for Alabama, where one of my best friends was born.
A – is for Alaska, where my son lives.
A – is for They have a lot of my money!!
A – is for and have the rest!
A - is for altered, as in clothing, art, books, etc. Love it.
A - is for architecture. I love looking at architectural photos and drawings.


  1. Oooh a neat list, a cool idea and great photo collage! Cool I hope we will be seeing b's soon!

  2. I can't believe I forgot Amazon! I've sent so veryVERY much $$ to them over the years!

    Cool list, Janet. Looking forward to B!


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