Saturday, April 22, 2006

Blogger and the birth of Plum.....

I am really not happy with blogger today! I have worked all day trying to get my post set up with photos of the work at SWHP's new shop. Nothing seems to be working right so I think I'll have to resort to posting this in installments! I hate doing that but it seems my only option.

The problem is, once these entries are posted they will be in reverse order! I just love technology!! Especially when it works sooo good.

Now that I've got that off my chest, I guess I should begin. It was a beautiful day, and the drive from our house was fairly uneventful. This first photo is not very clear and I apologize for the distance involved....I'm told this huge house up on the hill is owned by Justin Timberlake. I can't verify that because every time I stop by for a quick chat, he isn't there. I think he must be avoiding me!

The photo was a bit difficult to take, what with trying to focus while the truck was zooming down the freeway with security guards chasing after us (not really!)

I had to include a photo of the freeway as we approached the LA area. There might be some readers who are homesick for Southern California and all the was pretty light for a week day morning!

Finally we arrived at the store. SWHP has a fantastic location, right on a corner, with huge windows on two sides....which means lots of exposure and good display areas.

SWHP has curtains up to temporarily block the view until the opening. The building is soooo cool....I think it was built in the 40's, and the rounded area at the door is small mosaic tiles in shades of turquoise and matches the tiles on the front of the building. Lots of traffic, both cars and people walking. When we were there working, so many people just popped their heads in to ask about the store. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

For anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area, the store is located in Burbank at 1725 W Verdugo Avenue. It will be called Plum (pronounced Plume because the "u" will have a mark above it that I don't know how to make here) and will be mostly retro-vintage furniture and interior decorating advice and help.

Here are a few of the pieces she brought over just so the place wasn't completely empty while we were there working. She is hoping to be open about May 1st with a wine and cheese "house warming" party sometime right after that. You're invited!

The blue chaise is my favorite piece, so far. It's done in a velvety fabric and is so comfortable. I kept asking HB to feed me grapes while I reclined on it but he just wasn't going for that! Darn!!

That's all for this installment. The work portion will be next. Stay tuned to see me and HB fooling around with power tools!!


  1. That store location looks fantastic! Woo hoo!

    When I lived in Dallas the neighbor across the hall worked with Nsync's management and I ran into Justin a couple of times outside my loft. Nice kid, a bit scrawny...

  2. Hi Janet, I peeked at your site from the comment you left on DebRs blog. First let me thank you for introducing me to my new favorite artist, Linda Carter Holan. OMG that's one incredibly talented woman. The The turtle weenies are a scream and you are too.No wonder we agree your hair looks a lot like mine. Love it-don't change a thing. Good luck with the store. I'm a quilter-fiber artist from Long Island NY and just stopped by to say hello. Dee

  3. Sorry I misspelled Linda's name....Dee

  4. Drew - Thanks! We're excited about the location. And I'm sure Justin is nice...I just had to joke about it.

    Dee - don't worry about the spelling! Just enjoy the artist! I LOVE her work. And thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Glad you enjoyed the turtle weenies.


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