Monday, April 17, 2006

C is for....

C – is for Cripple Creek, CO. HB and I owned 10 acres there, with a view of Pikes Peak. We were married in this meadow on that land....

C – is for Claud, my maternal grandfather's name. He was a railroad man.

C – is for Clarence, my dad's name....and also c is for cowboy, which he was!

C – is for candy, cake, cookies can you tell I have a sweet tooth!

C - is for calla lily. This flower is so beautiful and graceful.

C – is for cat. My favorite pets LuLu and Harley. You've seen their photos.

C – is for coffee. A must have in the morning.

C – is for cola, too and I prefer Pepsi but drink it only occasionally.

C – is for caterpillar the small fuzzy little insect and not the big ground movers. As a kid, I liked watching them. Also liked the way they tickled my hand.

C – is for Czechoslovakia. As a child this country fascinated me. Maybe it was the name but I think it was the colorful costumes native to that area.

C – is for candles. I like to have them everywhere.

C is for cottage. The vine covered, thatched roof kind as in storybooks.

C – is for crochet. Love to do this in the evenings, and mostly I make things for charity.

C – is for crafts of all kinds. I never met a craft I didn't like! I'll try them all.

C – is for COLOR And crayons. I still like to buy a huge box and keep them on hand.

C – is for computer. I'd be lost without mine! It's one of my favorite tools.


  1. Great list and I LOVE that photo of your dad!

    PS...I'm cooking turtle weenies for supper tonight. :-)

  2. I love the photos of your dad and grandfather. You're so lucky to have these family images.

  3. Thanks debr and laume. That is one of my favorite photos of my dad.

    I have TONS of family photos!


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