Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Color, Color Everywhere

This is my second post of today. Guess with the rainy weather I have more time on my hands!

Last week this blog caught my eye, especially an entry on March 30th regarding color. The idea is to photograph items each day with a different color theme.

Monday was yellow and believe it or not, I have almost nothing in my house that is yellow except the guest room walls....too cloudy to photograph them so I had nothing!

Tuesday (today) is blues and turquoise and I was able to find a few things in my work room that qualify. So here is my little bunch of blues....

First, some of my markers, pencils, and pens.

Next, a few books from my crafty selection.

And last, a grouping of the items along with a blue cat I crocheted quite some time ago.

There's also some felt pieces and beads and other little items. I like blues, and I especially like turquoise so this was fairly easy. My only problem was the cloudy day which I mentioned in my earlier post. I had to do some fancy shifting of firniture and such to get these right in a window area and then when the rain stopped for a few minutes and it brightened just a little I was able to snap away.

I could also show my age and comment on Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Monday, and Blue Bayou. Or I could send you to this link for other music. Or I could send you here for cool greeting cards. Or here for fun in Las Vegas. Or, finally, if you're planning to be in Australia check here for travel planning.

Now I've really got the blues 'cause I have to stay here in the rain!!!

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  1. I love photos with a color theme. These are fun!


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