Monday, April 24, 2006

D is for....

After all the excitement of the past few days, I thought I would take it easy today and do the alphabet thing. This one might be a toughie. Not many "d" words, names, or things come to mind. It's interesting how certain letters are more prominent in our lives than least it seems so in mine. Let's see what I can come up with....

D - is for Decatur, IL....the place where I was born and lived until I was about 36 years old. It's the home of Millikin University, one of the most haunted colleges in the Midwest! Check it out here.
D - is for DebR, Debbi, and Dee....some nice gals who leave comments for me on this blog. And also Drew, The Crochet Dude.
D - is for donuts, danish, and Dairy Queen....all yummy things that I no longer indulge in! Darn!!
D - is for decorating. I love doing this, and apparently it's rubbed off on SWHP!
D - is for Dummies. I own several of the "Dummies" books and use them for things that I know nothing about.
D - is for David. My mom told me if I had been a boy, this would have been my name.
D - is for Dee (Sandra)....someone I wanted to be as a teenager! And also for Darin (Bobby) a person I had a crush on, and who ultimately married Sandra. Darn!!
D - is for Depp (Johnny). SWHP and I drool over him from time to time. What a cutie!
D - is for driving. Living in Southern California, you get to do a lot of this! I used to love to get in the car and just drive to relax....NOT anymore!
D - is for Donald (Sutherland)....I love his voice and his gorgeous white hair.
D - is for drips. Faucet drips, paint drips, noses that drip (sorry) and people who are "drips"....all things on my "not good" list.
D - is for dance. I'll need a couple of drinks if I'm going to get out on a dance floor! It doesn't happen very often....And look out if it does....lots of flailing about and people hiding their eyes. It's not a pretty sight!
D - is for defiant, deliberate, and determined. All words that might describe me at times! But only in a good way! ;-)
D - is for deductible. A word I dearly love at tax time.
D - is for discount. Another word I love! Especially "senior discount"....I don't mind admitting my age as long as I get to save money.
D - is for dollar. I'm on a roll here....all money related words. Guess I could include dough, too.
D - is for dark (and moody) which I can be at times.
D - is for dainty. Something I am definitely NOT.
D - is for dog. I've never owned a dog, and I'm usually not completely comfortable with big dogs. I guess it just depends.
D - is for diet. A real "four-letter" word in my book.
D - is for dimples. Cute on some people, not on others.
D - is for "duh"....something I say too often. Not the "d'oh" of Homer Simpson!

I guess I came up with more "d" words than I thought I would!

And here's a quick upsate for you. Remember when I mentioned my friend being in a beading contest....and I asked for everyone to vote for her.....well, she won second place!!!! Congrats, to her! Here's a photo of her entry.....


  1. You came up with lots of good D-words and I love the collage, especially the little Dancin' Dude cartoon...that's hilarious!


  2. I shoulda put Depp on my list. Definitely.
    I had to have William explain the "duh" and "d'oh"difference to me, not being familiar with The Simpsons as a cultural reference.
    Driving - yeah, it's something that I used to find relaxing, now I just deal with best I can

  3. debr - thanks....I thought the dancin' dude was a whole lot better than any dancin' I could do!

    laume - I'm not a Simpson's watcher....I just know about it thru osmosis (I think that's what I mean!)

  4. The alphabet idea is great, going to steal it.

    the necklace is beautiful!

    Should I start my Alphabets with an A, or skip to some other letter?

  5. pirk - the alphabet idea comes from debr by way of laume. Here is a link:

    Join in and have some fun!

  6. pirk - that link above should say html at the end! Blogger cut it off.


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