Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Green Day

No not that one! The daily color thingie I'm doing! And, yes, thingie is a word. It's in my own personal dictionary!

I found a few items around the house that qualify as green, and once again it's raining so getting good photos is a challenge. Who was that who said it never rains in Southern California?? In our backyard the grass is so thick and lush it would really qualify for today's color but sadly I can't get out there to take a photo.

So here is my feeble attempt at green on a rainy day. First, (and always) are some books off my shelf.

You would think I'm a gardener by the list of titles....sadly, it's like my bookcase full of cookbooks....I like to read them but don't actually do anything from them!

Here is a little fleece and felt scarf I recently made to put in my "gifts ready for Christmas or any other time" box. The box is in my closet and I try to add little things to it throughout the year.

In case you can't tell, that's supposed to be a mouse! His eyes are some adorable vintage flower-shaped buttons and I just used the petals as guides to sew them on.

Here are three tins that I like. The tall one is so pretty. The colors are all soft and muted (hard to photograph)....the dark green one is very plain and I hope to embellish it sometime soon. The small round one is in the style of this artist, and I keep it in the bathroom with other little "pretties".....

And then just so you don't forget that I do make things once in awhile(!!) here are some photos of finished projects.

Hope you enjoy your own "green day"....


  1. My favorite color (amongst many others) green.

    I like your made stuff on that picture.

  2. I love Green Day and your green day! He he!

  3. It's a mouse! Yep, I knew. Green is my color. I have to work at having yarn and beads that aren't green.


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