Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've got Spring Fever!

I was very bad yesterday and did not post any entry here. No excuse! Just plain ol' spring fever, I guess. Just couldn't get myself motivated to do much of anything!

I twisted my right wrist a couple of days ago and it made doing most things a bit of a challenge. Even typing was not fun. But all is good today. It's pretty much back to normal.

Looking out my back patio doors I can see tulips blooming around the little apple tree. The jonquils or whatever they are (I just know they're yellow) haven't bloomed yet. Here's a photo of the little tulips....

As you can see in the photo, even with all the rain we've had recently and we have automatic sprinklers, the earth is so compacted and hard that I'm amazed anything can push through it.

Now on to something else....last year, while visiting the message boards of a crafty website, I began a correspondence with a woman who lives in Montana. We have never met in person but through our emails we have discovered that we have so many things in common. In fact it's almost "spooky" at times!

I always look forward to her emails. I had not heard from her in about a month. Yesterday she sent me an email with a photo of an afghan she just completed. I think it's beautiful.....I love the color and the design.

Here is a photo of something I just started a few days ago before I hurt my wrist....

Very similar pattern except mine is all one color (mostly) and mine doesn't have as many "points"....but I just thought it was interesting that we were both working on the same kind of project at the same time. I think mine will become a baby afghan for Project Linus.

The multi-color one is done in sport weight yarn....I ran out of that yarn and will need to buy more to finish it....maybe doing bands of solid colors interspersed with more of the multi-color.

The yellow one is worsted weight. It's from that ton of yarn my other friend sent to me last month. I've made some progress since I took the photo. I've added bands of green and pink and more of the yellow. It, too, will probably go to Project Linus.

So that's about all the exciting news from Chez Bee-cause. Tomorrow HB and I are going to help SWHP set things up in her store. I'm sure I'll have photos and lots to tell.


  1. I am so honored! The paralells in our lives are positively uncanny! I love your afghans by the way, and even more so because they are for a good cause. We have a few daffodils and a couple hyacinth up here. The apple trees and the lilacs are budding too.

  2. I have spring fever, too! Unfortunately, I haven't been nearly as productive as you... mostly I stare out the window at work and wish I could be outside LOL.

  3. debbi,
    I'm happy to show your work. It's a beautiful afghan and should be seen.

    I'm so thrilled to receive a comment from you! I love your blog and read it every day.


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