Monday, April 03, 2006

Let me introduce you

My daughter, SWHP (She Who Hates Peas) is usually a calm, peaceful person but her inner personality comes straight to the top when she is confronted with peas in any shape, size or fashion. She hates them! Won't touch them or anything that has touched them. If it's green it might be a pea in disguise so she avoids it. She used to hide them around the underneath edge of her plate hoping that I would never pick up the plate from the table.

Consequently, since I'm the wonderful mom that I am, I try to bring peas into her life in other ways. Little gifts and such with pictures of peas on them are always a hit....with me, at least! I've considered calling her Sweet Pea as a friend suggested, but decided I like living too much!

I tell you this just to introduce you to my daughter, who is always an inspiration to me. She is fearless about things....jumps right in and does whatever. I admire her courage and her faith in herself. She has always been that way....sure that she can accomplish what she wants. And she usually does just what she sets out to do.

With that in mind, HB and I spent the day with SWHP and helped her as she re-did the living room of one of her friends. SWHP is in the process of trying to set up a small store to sell funky, collectible, used furniture. She would also like to do some decorating jobs for customers using what they have and adding to it with things from the store.

We arrived on the scene, bearing tools of all kinds, and lots of enthusiasm. The room was on the smallish side but had good bones, as they say on TV. Working with SWHP was fun....watching her visualize, switch plans, use what was available, and create a beautiful room. HB was put to work with his drill to hang a huge mirror, and install new fixtures for drapery rods. I worked on several smaller projects.

In the end, the client was ecstatic, couldn't believe that SWHP had turned her worst room into her favorite one....and in only one day, just like they do on this show. SWHP called me after we got home to tell me her friend had called two more times to say how much she loved the room, and to ask if SWHP would now do the whole house!!!

So a new business is launched. HB and I were glad to help, and had a fun day. I'm sorry I don't have any before and after photos to share....I have them but forgot to ask the woman if I had permission to put them on the blog! I wouldn't publish them without her ok....afterall, it is her home. Check back....I may be able to show them later.

I can leave you with a photo of something just for SWHP....

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  1. Aww a great story. I am pleased to meet she who hates peas. Congratulations to her on her new business venture!! It sounds "pea-chy". I am sorry I have to apologize that was totally lame!

  2. I hope you can show photos later. I'd love to see them!


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