Saturday, April 15, 2006

Not really x-rated

HB has a way with words! He makes up his own words to fit the occasion or the circumstances. I love that about him He has a great sense of humor.

One of my favorites is beautimous. He uses that one all the time. I tell you this because a few nights ago we were trying to decide what to have for dinner. Since I hate to cook, this is an almost nightly discussion, usually about 10 -15 minutes before we hit "starvation" mode.

We were running down our options of something fast and easy to put together and HB said "how about turtle weinies?" Well, that one caught me off guard! Turtle weinies? What the heck are turtle weinies? Do turtles even have weinies?! I guess the male ones must or there wouldn't be any new baby turtles! Oops...sorry I'm getting into x-rated blogging here.

As I was picking myself up off the floor, I saw that he was holding in his hand a package of tortellini! Apparently known in our household as turtle weinies.

As I said before, HB does have a way with words! And we did have the turtle weinies for dinner and they very tasty! I think they might be a little difficult to get onto those long forks for your next weinie roast but other than that, very satisfying.

Caution: turtle weinies in this photo may appear larger than in real life.


  1. HB has a great sense of hummor! LOL

  2. I say beautimous! :-)

    First I've heard of turtle weenies though. Glad you included a pic. ;-)

  3. ok, i was laughing my butt off when i read about the turtle weenies!

    is that what they call spoonerisms? i can't get enough of them.

    happy doodling!

  4. Well this had me choking on my coffee!! Way funny! My son-in-law is a chef and he makes the best chicken Scallopini. My husband was trying to remember what it was and he said, "You know, that chicken scalded your weenie stuff." Aren't husbands pricelesss?!

  5. Thanks everyone! And debbi, I loved the chicken scalded weenie and so did HB! THAT had me choking on my coffee!



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