Friday, April 07, 2006

Orange You Glad....

Sorry! I couldn't resit that one.

As I thought, orange was very difficult to find in our house. Now had this little color thingie been done back in the late 60's or early 70's I would have been able to find tons of things. At one point, I even had orange drapes at my sliding doors. That was "back in the day" when the kids and I lived in a townhouse in IL.

I searched everywhere to find these few meager offerings....

Most of these items are from my work room....beads, another fleece scarf waiting for embellishment, a yin/yang doodle I just's mostly reds and pinks but there are some oranges if you look way down in the craft scissors and rotary cutter, a little candle I got for Halloween and forgot to use, and the orange crochet is the beginning of a round summer purse. The cotton yarn is from a recycled sweater. I de-constructed it and got a lot of usable yarn for about a dollar! Couldn't pass that up since the sweater looked brand new.

In my own defense I must explain the fake orange-y leaves in the corner. They are part of LuLu's "jungle" play box (I stole them for the photo op.) HB is completely obsessed with providing LuLu with toys and play areas, and has put together a vine covered box for her to play in, and it provides a good hiding place, too. She seems to enjoy it, and loves to play there. This is what it looks like (not very attractive!)

Then I went into that room that I hate, aka the kitchen! I try to avoid that room as much as possible. Everytime I venture in, something terrible happens. Food turns black and crispy and the smoke alarm goes off, and then the warning light begins blinking and an eerie voice booms out "step away from the stove"...all in all, I'm not a good cook. I'm personally waiting for my own "replicator" to be installed. If you don't watch Star Trek then you won't know what I'm talking about. I just want to walk up to a little door in the wall and have my food magically appear behind it. That will be my kind of kitchen!

That's another tin I holds spaghetti to make HB's favorite meal....and those are a couple of HB's oranges...I seldom eat them, a bottle of wine that SWHP gave us, and a little paperweight that I've had for about 30 years. My son gave it to me when he was a kid....I think it was for Mother's Day.

So that wraps up our tour of the color orange. I'm looking forward to Saturday because it will be the color purple....hummm....sounds vaguely familiar....that would make a good title for something....let's see, maybe a book or something like that. Wow, I can't believe how I come up with these things!! Anyway, since purple is my favorite color, that one should be easy. See you then...........

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  1. I can't believe your title!!! Did you see my post today? Toooo funny!!


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