Sunday, April 30, 2006

Plüm is open!

Apologies all around for not posting something yesterday. I actually had most of an entry ready but good ol' blogger lost it for me! I decided to wait a little bit and try it later....and then never got back to it!

Yesterday was such a fantastic day here in Southern California. It was in the 80's with blue skies and lots of sunshine....the kind of day that you just wanted to be outside. HB and I cleaned the patio furniture and did some yardwork (not much though!)....and then got out to do some errands.

Now on to the opening of Plüm....the wine and cheese preview was great. HB and I went down early, and my cousin and her husband stopped by so SWHP had plenty of hands on deck to help with last minute organizing. We all pitched in and had the place looking ready for guests. Several people stopped in while out for an evening walk, some neighbors popped in, and friends and family. We all enjoyed music from the 70's (which was about as retro as we could go!) and the general ambiance of the store.

On a very personal note let me just say how very proud I am of SWHP. She has always been an independent individual, and always hates to take help from others. There are times when everyone needs a bit of assistance. She has put this entire store together all on her own except for the platform we helped build. She has gone far and wide to find items for sale, loaded them and unloaded them mostly with the help of her 13 year old son. They are a super team! I wish her tons of success with her new store.


  1. It looks great! Best of luck to SWHP.

  2. It looks wonderful! I'm so glad that the opening went well. Best wishes for continued success!


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