Sunday, April 23, 2006

Power tools run amok at Plum!

As I explained in the previous post, I had to split this up into two separate entries because of all the photos!

We'll pick up where we left off yesterday....let's see....where were we? Oh, yes, I remember now. After being chased by Justin Timberlake's security guards HB and I arrived in Burbank with power tools in hand.

SWHP looked a little worried but we assured her we knew what we were doing! Silly girl....she believed us!

HB started with this....

And as promised he began building a platform for the front window display area.

We all got in on the work. Here is SWHP learning to use the drill.

And here's yours truly screwing around! Actually SWHP and I really did do a lot of the drilling and screwing together of some of the smaller pieces. I like using power tools! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! (That's supposed to sound like Tim Allen from Home Improvement!)

On the second day my cousin and her husband came by to help out. The guys finished the platform in no time at all. It's always more fun when there are lots of people to talk with and laugh and joke around a bit, and somehow the work goes so much faster. Here are some "work" photos.....

At the end of the second day, that pile of lumber had been turned into a very solid platform on which to display furniture in the window and we all had a good time.

Here is the last photo....HB (in his safety glasses!) with SWHP in her work clothes, and my cousin, Mary Anne and her husband, Bill....everyone is sitting on the platform so you can't see it! SWHP will either throw rugs over the platform or use some carpet remnants so the bare wood won't show. We offered to "finish" it for her but she declined.

It was a couple of fun days working with SWHP. A special thanks to my cousin and her husband for coming to lend a helping hand on the second day. After all the work was finished we ended up at my cousin's home for pizza and least, the guys had a beer. I think they deserved it.

Plum has a good, solid base to start from and I'm sure it will be a huge success for SWHP.

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