Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pretty in Pink....or Yellow

The crochet hook has been in my hand a lot recently....that is, in my spare time. I like to crochet or knit while watching television. Then I don't feel like I'm wasting time! I don't watch too many shows....although SWHP and I are both obsessed with "Lost"....love it!!!! She thinks Locke is a hottie, and I like Sawyer and Jin and Sayid. Gotta love those "bad" boys!

I'm getting off-track! I posted a photo last week of the small yellow star-shaped blankie that I had just started. I've made some progress on it and am nearing the finish line. I'm just trying to decide how I want to border it. I can see tassels hanging from each point. Maybe make then in a combination of the yellow, pink and green. This is what it looks like right now....

The colors aren't what I would usually choose but I'm trying to use up yarn already in my stash including some of the yarn sent by my friend. And kids like bright colors so I thought it would work. The pattern is sooo easy. I got it here. I've added more rows than the pattern shows because I don't want it to be skimpy.

This is another one going to Project Linus....I finished it awhile back but just never posted it. It's just a light pink in what I would call a shell pattern. I just "winged" it on this one!

My next one that I have planned out in my mind will be done all in blues. Gotta take care of all those little boys, too. I haven't decided whether I want to make another star shaped one or just do the conventional rectangular or square shape.

I'm probably one of the weird crocheters....I prefer to use a smallish hook rather than a bigger one. I know I can get it finished faster with a big hook but I just don't like the "feel" of using them. And I'm also picky about my crochet hooks and prefer to use these rather than these.

On another subject - I'm still waiting for the apple trees to blossom. There are a few popping out but not many. The nectarine tree blossomed already and I got a few shots of it. I love the color of these blossoms....

That's it from Chez Bee-cause today. I'm off to make some tassels. HB just perked up! But I explained I wouldn't be using them to do any dancing so he's disappointed now! ;-)

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