Monday, April 10, 2006

The second installment

Today I'm continuing with my alphabet. It's Monday and not much happening around Chez Bee-cause so it seems the opportune time to add "b" to my list.

B – is for bread. One of my favorite things, and I'm not talking about white, squishy Wonder bread! I like good whole-grain bread with lots of seeds and nuts.
B – is for bread....the other in "dough"....I like that kind, too!
B – is for bunnies. They have a special place in my heart.
B – is for book. I have way too many of these but always manage to find more.
B – is for banana. Add one to my oatmeal and I'm a happy gal.
B – is for basketball. Growing up in IL it was the predominate sport.
B – is for blog. I love having mine! And I'm thankful for all the interesting ones I read daily.
B – is for blackberries, the kind you eat, not the device.
B – is for beauty. Thank goodness it's in the eye of the beholder!
B – is for Binchy (Maeve)....I like her books for a nice, easy read.
B – is one of my initials....and part of my blog’s name.
B – is for the blues....I enjoy this music but not all the time.
B – is for broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Yum....I like these veggies.
B – is for Bejeweled. This is a game I play late at night.
B – is for blue jeans. aka my uniform! I wear them almost daily.
B – is for "Bond, James Bond" and for me that means Sean Connery!
B – is for Birkenstocks. Mine are Milano black leather.
B – is for birthday. Even after soooo many, they're still fun to celebrate!


  1. I like your B's and I enjoy reading your entries! I look forward to more and I think you are more fascinating tha Nicole Ritchie!!

  2. Good list and I love that you included a photo collage!

  3. I adore Sean Connery! But to be honest, I like him more now than Bond days.

    Now I've gotta go google "blackberry device" ..... wondering....


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