Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The New Paint Job

SWHP sent over some photos of the shop with the new paint job. The first one shows the chocolate wall although the color is more intense in real life. The paint color is Fudge Truffle....and it does look like chocolate. Yum!

This photo shows the burnt orange wall at the back of the shop. I LOVE this color. It looks so much better than the golden brown. At first I thought the golden color was good but it just didn't have any pizazz. This color does! Those divider-looking things are actually fabric banners. SWHP attaches very light weight fabric to the grid of the ceiling and they give the illusion of dividing the place into "rooms"....I think it's a very clever idea.

This one shows the second chocolate wall with the lighter brown on either end. I think the lighter brown is Ranch Mink. You can also see part of the newly constructed partial wall. That hasn't been painted yet....so she has a rug attached to most of it. I think she is deciding how she wants to finish that wall.

SWHP is in the process of getting a new sign made and several other little projects to spruce things up and make the whole place look great. She is such an industrious gal. Ever since she was a teenager she has been an entreprenuer. For the most part she has created her own jobs rather than work for someone else. I admire that quality. In case you can't tell, I'm just pretty darn proud of her!

On another subject, I've been busy with lots of my own projects recently. Today I worked on several and when they're completed I'll share with you. In between, I managed to do a few more pieces for the afghan I showed yesterday. I won't bore you with photos of the little stack of finished parts....yet!

Monday, May 29, 2006

A puttering, black and white week end

So far HB and I have had a lazy kind of week end. He's puttered around in his workshop and I've puttered around in my workshop and once in awhile we stick our heads out and see what's going on!

Last week I had SWHP look at some afghan patterns from a crochet book. She had actually found the book for me a couple of years ago. She knows I love old crochet patterns. This is the book....

I told her if there was anything she would like for the shop to let me know. This is what she picked....

The black and white circle afghan in the upper left hand corner. The pattern actually uses a dark brown, black and white but you can barely see the color difference in the photo and SWHP just wanted it done in black and white.

So this is what I've done so far....they look brownish but that's just my camera. They are black and off-white.

The pattern calls for 7 circles, 12 of the partial circles as shown, and 26 of another partial circle, plus 4 more to finish the "corners", and 2 striped panels for either side. I think it will be very unusual when I'm finished with it.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Gee...it must be wordplay time

Here we go again....today's letter is "G" If you would like to know more about this personal dictionary/alphabet thingie, you can click on the wordplay button on the right side of this blog or go to Laume's site and read about it.

G- is for Gail, my best friend. Oops, now I've told her name! But she already let the cat out of the bag in "comments" about names.....

G - is for gold. I'm a weird gal because I don't care for gold! I prefer silver.

G - is for gourmet....oh, please! In your dreams!

G - is for a green thumb. I actually have one of these....most of the time. But I have been known to just ignore a houseplant and only notice it when it's too late!

G - is for graham crackers, granola, gazpacho, and ginger....all things I like.

G - is also for grapes, one of my all-time favorite snacks. I love frozen grapes in the summer. HB and I have grapes growing in the backyard, (see them in the photo below) and we also like using grape designs in our home....but not too many. I don't like anything repeated too often.

G - is for grandma. Both of mine were from the South....one from Tennessee and one from Kentucky. One was a tiny, little woman weighing less than 100 lbs and the other one was just the opposite. Guess which one I take after!!

G - is for gratitude. For the past several years I have kept a gratitude journal. I have Oprah and Sarah Ban Breathnach to thank for that idea.

G - is for Gone With the Wind. One of my early memories is of this film. I went with my mom who loved Clark Gable...what's not to like! Since then I've seen the film too many times to count, and also read the book several times.

G - is for gas....the kind you pump into your car (not the other kind!!) Gasoline is way too expensive in more ways than one. Don't even get me started on that!

G - is for gazebo. I would love to have one in my backyard. Then I could lounge away the afternoon, drinking mint juleps....oops, I'm getting into my Scarlet O'Hara trip now. If you would like to make mint juleps for yourself, try this website.

G - is for gratis. Oh, how I love that word....free! Trouble is, it usually isn't.

G - is for gel. Thank goodness for hair gel or my hair would just lay there instead of standing straight up....kind of wild and crazy-like.

G - is for Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire! Now that really dates me! But it's still a good song!

That concludes our trip through the letter "G"....be sure to stay tuned for the next one. In case you haven't already guessed, I like doing these! Thanks Laume and DebR for introducing this idea to me.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big changes....

As you no doubt have realized....I haven't been available for several days. That's because I've been helping SWHP with her new shop. We have been painting and redecorating and I think it's going to look spectacular!

She chose a deep, dark chocolate brown for the feature color....and it really did look like melted chocolate when I opened the can. I asked her if she brought any strawberries for dipping! The back wall that you see when you walk in the door will be a golden brown color. We're putting a second coat on that wall today.

One side wall is broken up into three segments with some small column-like structures. The larger, middle section is chocolate, the columns will be the golden brown color and the two side sections will be a lighter brown. The opposing wall is all chocolate, and the front wall is mostly windows and she hasn't decided what she will do there.

My cousin's husband, Bill, came yesterday to build a false wall at the back of the platform that he helped build earlier. The wall will give the front window a more room-like appearance from the street.

I think SWHP has decided to change the name of the shop, too! She has decided that Plüm is a bit too feminine (since most of her customers so far have been men!) and she has renamed the shop DeKorum. I like that name much better, too.

Sorry there are no photos yet but I'll try to wipe the paint off my hands long enough to take a few snaps today.

I bet this is what you thought I was doing.....

No such luck! (By the way, that's Harley and his blankie catching a cat-nap in the family room the other day.)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

What's in a name?

I do not like my given name! Janet. It just sounds so harsh. So cold. So plain. I don't think it's a very popular name and usually that would make me happy....if it wasn't so darn ordinary. I only know of a few "famous" people named Janet. There's the ever-popular-wardrobe-malfunctioning Janet Jackson, and the screaming Janet Leigh in "Psycho" (the original)....and of course, Janet Weiss, a character in this film.

My mom told me that her youngest brother actually named me. I'm not sure why he got to name me instead of my mom or my dad. Maybe because my dad was away serving in the navy. Whatever the reason, my uncle liked the name Janet Kay and so that's my name.

I've always wanted to have a really pretty name. I like names that flow or undulate on the tongue....I think lots of people would change their names if they had the chance. Believe me, I've tried to come up with another name for myself but so far, no luck! You would think I could come up with something!!

In grade school there was one other Janet. She didn't have a middle name so she was Janet and I was always Janet Kay. Sounds very Southern, doesn't it? Like Billie Jo or Susie Q or something like that! HB is from south Florida and he often calls me Janet Kay or sometimes he calls me Ja-nay. I actually like that!

Later in high school there were a couple of other Janets....in fact, there was a Janet with the same last name as HB. For the record, I use my maiden name and not HB's name. Only because his last name is also my mom's maiden name. Gets confusing, doesn't it?! And, no HB and I aren't related in any way other than being married. (If you haven't already guessed HB's last name is Smith.)

Anyway names are interesting to me. I recently did a little google research on my name. There seems to be conflicting opinions as to its origin....it's either from Hebrew meaning God's Grace (ye gads! Now I sound like Tom Cruise! Stop me if I start jumping on the couch!!) or it's Scottish....either way you can read about Janet here and here.

I thought this was also interesting....Janet in Chinese characters. Looks much better that way! But since I don't speak Chinese I don't know what it sounds like in that language.

According to one website, Janet was a popular name from the 1930's to the 1950's. I'm right in the middle of all that.

I guess it could have been worse. My mom could have named me something like Hermione or Hortense. Nothing wrong with those names but they seem a bit outdated just like Janet. On the other hand I guess she could have named me Mary, Barbara, or Patricia....apparently those were the most popular names for girls in the year I was born. And come to think of it, I've known quite a few people my age with those names.

I like the custom (I think it's Native American) where each time you pass into another phase of your life you get a new name. That would be so cool. Names are so personal. I think they should reflect the actual person.

When I named my children I took age into consideration. People sometimes give babies a cutsie name that is just perfect for a baby but not for an 80 year old person. I tried to think of my kid's names on a baby, a young adult, and a mature person. But still, they would both probably change their names, too!

Celebrities give their kids some odd names! You can see some of them here. A couple of really odd ones are Pilot Inspecktor and Moxie CrimeFighter! I can't imagine going through life with either of those names!! But some of them are cute in an quirky way....for instance Rob Morrow's daughter is Tu Morrow! I wonder if Doris Day ever considered naming her child Yester? And then there's Nevaeh, a name that recently made the news. If you missed it, learn about Nevaeh here.

How do you feel about your own name? Would you change it? If so, to what?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

A very special day....

Once again I'm "stealing" something from DebR! She always has the best memes and I just can't resist some of them.

So today being Saturday and a day when I won't have a lot of extra time for the blog, I'm going to do this....

5 Things:

5 items in my fridge:

1. Vanilla soy milk....love this on my oatmeal each morning.

2. Flavored waters. Since I gave up high-fructose-corn-syrup-laden sodas, this is what I drink most of the time. But I'm careful to get ones with minimum added stuff.

3. Tofu....yes, I eat tofu! Not all the time but once in awhile I like to use it in a dish. I don't eat meat other than a bit of turkey. Does that count as meat? Maybe I should put it under the fowl category!
4. Pomegranate Cider. Haven't opened this yet. I think I got it at Trader Joe's. It sounded good at the time but since I got it home I haven't been tempted yet.

5. Paint brushes. HB wraps paint brushes in plastic and stores them in the fridge!

5 items in my closet:
1. Blue jeans and jean shorts. Don't worry....I usually only wear the shorts at home. I don't subject the general public to my colorless, pale white legs. Too many people were complaining of being blinded by them so I had to stop.

2. Tee shirts. The second part of my almost-daily uniform. I have bright colors in the pink/blue/purple range and a few black and gray. I love greens and yellows but with my coloring I can't wear them.

3. Some fantastic, furry purple slippers that SWHP gave me for Christmas. And a pair of fuzzy, purple socks that WG sent to me. When it's cold I sometimes wear them together!!

4. A couple of "dressy" outfits in that micro fabric that NEVER wrinkles. I love them because I can just throw them on the shelf but if I need to look presentable for something I don't have to spend hours ironing. Note: this probably only happens in your dreams! I seldom dress up or spend time ironing!

5. My first formal, my high school graduation dress, and the first outfit I ever bought with my own money! Yes, I still have them and they are currently hanging in my closet in one of those vinyl garment bags.

5 items in my purse:

1. Cell phone. I barely ever use it but I keep it with me just in case. I just never know when I might want to make a quick call to see if Johnny Depp is busy and can have coffee with me. Or to check if my ship has come in yet! Or any of those other absolutely necessary calls that a person has to make while zooming down the road doing 90 MPH. Can you tell this is one of my pet peeves?!!

2. Receipts of all kinds. I save every receipt when I buy anything. I'm just weird....what more can I say!

3. Nail clippers and a file. If I'm going to break a nail, it's usually when I'm out and about.

4. A small pocket-sized package of toilet seat covers! I hate using a public bathroom and not having a seat cover so I carry my own!

5. Not much else except the usual wallet, pens, small notebook (nothing exciting)

5 items in my Desk: (Since I don't have drawers in my desk, this will be things on my desk.)

1. A small pinky-purplish piggy bank.

2. A wonderful "menopause" figurine WG sent to me one year. And of course it's lavender!!

3. A container of chewable calcium "candies" in caramel flavor. I usually have some kind of regular candy "hidden" somewhere but I'm all out.

4. LuLu's kitty bed is sitting on a shelf right over the desk....does that count? She likes to sleep up there because it's a little hidden. Guess what color her bed is? PURPLE!! Can you see a pattern here?

5. Mary Englebreit calendar. I buy one every year. They're bright and cheerful and help keep me on track.

I'm including a photo of a couple of things....

Just for the record, so you know that HB and I have a busy, fun-filled social life ....guess where he's taking me today! I'm sooo excited. I get to dress for the occasion, wear gloves and just feel extra special. Have you guessed?? Today we're taking all our household hazardous waste to the dump! Now aren't you all jealous of me?!! HB always takes me to the best places! This is something we only do once in awhile so today's the big day.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Cars and Roses...Not Guns and Roses!

A big apology goes out to WG! I did not get anything posted on here yesterday, and after my last entry everyone probably thinks she did me in!! Not so! I'm still alive and kickin'! Life just got in the way yesterday....HB and I have several projects going in and around the house and time just got away from me.

We're in the "simplify" mode right now....getting rid of stuff, organizing things in a better way, and just generally getting ready for summer. Usually my son comes to visit us for a couple of months in the summer, and sometimes one, or both, of HB's kids makes a visit out here so summer can be busy. We both want to have the time to enjoy anyone and everyone who comes to visit....so that means we have to get our butts in gear and get things done!

And HB is doing research on cars. We're in the market for a new or slightly used car. We have two pick-ups and my little Honda that I've owned for 16 years! We're a bit crazy so each of the vehicles has a name! The big brown diesel truck is Bucky short for Buckaroo....the small red pick-up (that was supposed to be for me) is named Rita because somehow redheads make me think of Rita Hayworth! (I'm really showing my age now!) And my little red Honda is named Rhonda (another redhead ....Rhonda Fleming!) but mostly because it's R (our) Honda!

Rhonda has been an exceptionally good car but she's just getting old. Shh! don't tell her that. She faithfully takes me everywhere I need to go even though she has almost 200,000 miles on her!!!! I think she's holding up rather well....

I'm one of those people who believes if it works don't fix it....plus Rhonda has been with me for so long she's part of the family!

When I first met HB I had only had my car for a few months. At first HB wasn't too fond of Rhonda because she isn't American made....he is a member of the IBEW. But I love Rhonda....she is small and cute and has tons of space and most important...she is economical.

HB used to take a lot of flak from other IBEW members because I drove a Honda. Finally at one point I had had enough and told him to tell people that when they paid for my car then they could tell me what to drive!!!

I'm not sure he ever used that line but I stopped hearing so much about it. Now HB drives Rhonda around town and I think he secretly loves her too.

At the moment HB's front runner for a car is something like this....

He wants a luxury car. He says he's been driving pick-ups long enough and he's ready for something comfortable and quiet.

I, on the other hand would like to be more practical and maybe try one of the new hybrids (especially with gas prices going up all the time) like this....

But if I could have any kind of car I wanted, it would probably be something like this....

As I've mentioned before, I like little, low, sporty cars....low to the ground and haulin' ass!! But this car wouldn't be very practical for my usual running around town. I'd have to make a trip to the grocery store just about every day because I could only put one bag of groceries somewhere in this car! And forget about having too many people riding with me! So the search continues....

Now....this has absolutely nothing to do with cars but I have lots of rose bushes around our house (put there by previous owners) and these were blooming this morning....as I went outside to take a photo of Rhonda....

These are a lovely pale pink color that doesn't show very well with my little camera. I'm "sending" these to WG as part of my apology!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Best friends....

As I've mentioned before, I am an only child. No siblings. Not a big family! I grew up in a rural area, not on a farm but surrounded by them.

In that small community, most of the kids had at least one sibling. When I was about nine years old, another family moved to our area....and they only had one child....a girl my age.

It's a bit amazing that I don't remember the exact meeting of this girl because she was, and still is, my best friend. (I'll refer to her as WG) There is no one in my life right now who has known me as long as she has....of course, with the exception of some cousins and family members.

WG is more like a sister to me. She is the one who sent me that huge box of yarn a few months ago. We live on complete opposite sides of the country, me in California and she in Florida, but over the years we have always managed to keep in touch with one another.

We have very different views on some things but respect each other enough to agree to disagree! WG also has a daughter just about the same age as SWHP. I wish I could tell you that our daughters became best friends, too, but sadly they barely know each other. They played together when they were little but when we all went our separate ways way back in the 70's that was the end of their relationship.

WG is a much better friend to me than I am to her! She sends me beautiful cards and always surprises me with something nice. I, on the other hand, send her computer written notes on plain white paper in business envelopes. Not very creative!

Well, she's done it again. When HB and I returned from our trip and he went to gather the accumulated mail from the post office.....there was another big box waiting for me. Yep! You guessed it....more yarn from WG!

I just don't understand why she sent me a box of yarn in that perfectly awful color! She must think that I'm a purple person! Does she know me or what?

And here's another of the wonderful cards that she included with the yarn....

I consider myself very fortunate to have WG as my friend for all these years. I hope she doesn't "kill" me when she sees this! Here is a photo of us when we were about 13 or 14....that's my mom in the background....I'm on the left and WG on the right.

Aren't we a couple of hotties!!! Don't you just love my hair??? And WOW....where did I get those glasses!

If I survive after WG sees this, I'll be back tomorrow....if not, you all will know what happened!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A great vacation destination

When I was a child my parents usually used vacation time to visit my grandparents in Kansas. Until I got a little older, I didn't know that people went to places just to see them! I think I was about 12 years old when we took a "real" vacation.

After spending some time with my grandparents we continued on into Colorado with Colorado Springs as our final destination. I can remember driving through the flat lands of eastern Colorado and seeing The Rockies looming off in the distance.

Having grown up in central Illinois (also very flat) seeing mountains for the first time was quite impressive. I had no concept of mountains and in my mind I thought we would drive until we came to the bottom of the mountain, and then we would drive straight up the side! Silly me!

Back then (waaay back then!) Colorado Springs was a sleepy little town surrounded by spectacular natural scenery. Not today. Oh, the scenery is still there but it's partially hidden by all the growth in the area....and by growth, I mean urban development.

We did all the touristy things back then and I always remembered that Pike's Peak is 14,110 ft above sea level....maybe because it scared the poo out of me when we went to the top. We rented a driver and a car that was specially equipped for the high altitude, and we began to wind our way up the mountain. I did ok until we left the tree line behind. When there were no more trees to block some of the straight down views, I was in trouble. I sat in the floor of the car until we reached the top. My dad almost had to drag me out! Then he proceded to walk over near the edge and lean out to look....that was it! I sat right next to the building and wouldn't move!

Things have changed a little for me and I'm not nearly that bad but I still don't like to be someplace high up and open. When HB and I lived in CO we owned 10 acres near Cripple Creek. Our property was above the town so we figured it was about 10,000 ft! I loved the area but me and the altitude didn't do good together. That's mainly why we sold it.

All this is to let you know about some of the truly beautiful places to visit if you ever get to Colorado Springs. First of all is the mountain. You can find out all about it here, or here. There is also a railway here that will take you up the mountain.

Another place I love to visit is Garden of the Gods. In the same area you might enjoy this amazing place.

If you like waterfalls don't miss these beautiful falls.

Lastly, when we visited many years ago, this was another nail-biter! My parents walked out onto the bridge but I stayed behind. I just do NOT like being up high!!

This is just a sampling of all there is to see and do around The Springs. I highly recommend visiting even if you have a fear of heights like me!

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of photos to show you (you gotta go yourself to see the beauty!) but I do have a few photos from the trip. First up is an old homestead that just looked so neat....don't know if you can see from the photo but there's a tv dish on the roof! New meets old!!

Next, here is a not-so-good taken-from-the-vehicle shot of Pike's Peak. It is much more impressive than this photo! And usually at this time of year there is still snow on top but as you can see....nothing! CO has been experiencing drought conditions.

More mountains....

Again, taken from the vehicle, this is a famous pottery place in The Springs.

And last....this is what we woke to on last Wednesday!

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of Colorado Springs and will one day visit in person.

Monday, May 15, 2006

It's the "F" words!!

Since I'm still a bit behind with everything, I'm going to make it Fairly easy on myself today and do my personal alphabet thing. If you want to know more about it you can either click on the "wordplay" button over there on the right side or you can click here.

F - is for family and friends. I won't bother to list you all because you know who you are!! I couldn't make it without you.

F - is for famous which is something I'll probably never be (thank goodness!)

F - is for fun....we all need some of that in our lives.

F - is for fingernails. I used to bite mine but I don't anymore! I have nice natural ones that I leave plain most of the time. Years ago I tried the fake fingernails and had a very bad experience....not for me.

F - is for feline. I love cats.....especially our two spoiled brats!

F - is for fan. The old-fashioned kind that ladies used. I love the shape and the elegance of them. Especially the fancy ones with lace and embellishments (we talked about that in the "E" words!)

F - is for food. The real kind and not the fake crap that regular grocery stores and the media push on us! At the moment I'm really pissed off about all the additives in just about everything. When we were traveling recently, I just about starved because I refused to eat anything with high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated anything in it. Have you read a food label lately? Chances are if it's a "convenience" food it has one or both of those things in it. If you're interested, just do a google search for those words and it may change the way you eat, too!

F - is for fish. Like me some red snapper or halibut or swordfish.

F - is for the infamous "F" word (I won't use it here but you know which one I mean!) I've been known to utter it when I'm really mad!

F - is for farm. HB and I dreamed of having a small farm and being self-reliant but never managed to make it happen. That was part of the reason for the trip to CO. We had a storage unit that we finally decided to clear out! It contained all the things we had been purchasing for our dream lifestyle.

F - is for fast. I've always liked small low-slung sports cars that go fast! As HB says "low to the ground and haulin' ass"....I don't drive too fast most of the time! But get me out on an open road (hard to find around Southern California!) and watch out!

F - is for force. Do NOT try to force me to do something! I'll dig in my heels and the fight will be on!

F - is for fantastic. I love this word. I like the way it sounds and the way it looks. It just seems to flow. Same thing with fabulous although I don't use that one....Billy Crystal has that one sewed up!

F - is for fireplace. I absolutely love ours. In the winter months we use it quite often. There's just something about a wood fire....the crackle and spark....the dancing light....the warmth. If I had my way we would have a fire going just about all day on cloudy, chilly days! And don't forget the marshmallows!!

F - is for flea market....love them! Same goes for yard sales, rummage sales, tag sales or whatever you call them in your area. Also swap meets and antique stores. I just love to browse around and look at all the things from another time.

F - is for fortunate. I am so very fortunate to have the life I have. I enjoy every day (there are some better than others) and look forward to "visiting" with all my new friends in blogland. I have a wonderful hubby, 2 great kids and 2 great step-kids, and a combined total of 7 grandkids/step-grandkids. I have some pretty terrific family members that I don't see nearly as often as I would like, and some dear friends scattered all over the world.

Thanks for stopping by....hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe....

....to visit blogland....I'm baack!

HB and I arrived home Friday evening, the 12th, and immediately collapsed on the couches. We had been up and on the road since about 6:00 AM and were thoroughly road weary and ready to be home.

We had a safe and successful trip, saw some friends, got some business done, and for the most part, enjoyed ourselves. As always, on any trip, there were some things that didn't go as planned. And on Wednesday morning we woke to a light layer of snow on everything but since we have lived in Colorado Springs before, we knew how unpredictable the weather can be.

All the way there and back, HB kept me entertained with his warped sense of humor and his way with words. There was a lot of laughing and that always makes a trip more fun.

Harley and LuLu were both very upset with us! We left them in a "pet resort" but I don't think they enjoyed it. LuLu hid under the guest room bed for quite awhile when she first got home, and Harley just wanted out but then he just hung out on the patio. I think they were both confused by the whole ordeal.

Sorry this is so short but I'm still trying to recover from my "vacation"....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Colorado here we come

HB and I will be gone for about a week so I won't be posting on my blog until we return.

We will be driving to Las Vegas for business (yes, really!) and then we will travel to Colorado Springs. I'm not sure exactly how long we will be gone. Since we lived in that area for several years, we have friends we would like to see while we're there....so we're leaving it kind of flexible at the moment.

I don't anticipate being gone more than 5 - 10 days. We have other obligations here at home that will need our attention by then.

Here's a peek at some of the beautiful scenery in and around Colorado Springs.

If you have never been there, put it on your list of considerations. There are so many beautiful, scenic places to see within the surrounding area, and if you happen to be an outdoor person, you will love it. There's lots to do!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Eek! It's "E" day!

Today is an Easy day for my blog! This Entry is brought to you by the letter E....if anyone would like more information about doing a personal dictionary, just click on this link or use the "wordplay" button over there on the right side of my blog. The Explanation is all there. So here we go....

E - is for the fifth letter of our alphabet. There are some interesting facts about this letter here.
E - is for HB's middle initial....and he would "kill" me if I told what his middle name is!!! He hates it so much his son is a "Jr"!!! Go figure!
E - is for Edward. This name is prevalent in my family, plus my grandparents lived on Edward Street.
E - is for everything....I'm always saying that I want to know everything. I really mean that! I want to know everything there is to know. Do ya think my brain will hold it all?
E - is for Elvis. I remember seeing him on TV for the first time when I was about 13 years old. I was a goner! He was a very handsome young man, and I feel bad that his life turned out the way it did....
E - is for exploited. I think he was.
E - is for extra helpings. I'll always take them if it's ice cream! Or cookies!
E - is for ergonomics. Until I worked in the office of an office furniture maker, I didn't care about this word. I learned what it meant and why it's important.
E - is for eraser....I use these a lot! Plus they make good surfaces to carve my own stamps.
E - is for elegant. Something I'm not!
E - is for extravagant. I'm usually not this either.
E - is for equality. I wish I could say we all have it. Also egalitarian...I love the way this word sounds....and its meaning!
E - is for electrician. HB worked on large industrial projects (like Boeing) for many years. He has a master's license.
E - is for elevator. If it's a glass one I can't ride in it! I have vertigo.
E - is for embellish....something I would do to everything if HB didn't hold me back!
E - is for embroidery, done by hand....my mom taught me when I was about seven years old. I still like to embroider on things. I wish I still had some of her dish towels with each day of the week.
E - is for embarrassed. When I am, I blush! Hate that....
E - is for email. I love this way to communicate! I'm not good at making phone calls or writing letters so this is the perfect way for me to keep in touch with friends and family.
E - is for eyeglasses. I've worn them since I was in 6th grade....except for several years when I had contacts. I like my new ones.

So this concludes our Exploration of the letter E....I hope you Enjoyed the trip.