Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Best friends....

As I've mentioned before, I am an only child. No siblings. Not a big family! I grew up in a rural area, not on a farm but surrounded by them.

In that small community, most of the kids had at least one sibling. When I was about nine years old, another family moved to our area....and they only had one child....a girl my age.

It's a bit amazing that I don't remember the exact meeting of this girl because she was, and still is, my best friend. (I'll refer to her as WG) There is no one in my life right now who has known me as long as she has....of course, with the exception of some cousins and family members.

WG is more like a sister to me. She is the one who sent me that huge box of yarn a few months ago. We live on complete opposite sides of the country, me in California and she in Florida, but over the years we have always managed to keep in touch with one another.

We have very different views on some things but respect each other enough to agree to disagree! WG also has a daughter just about the same age as SWHP. I wish I could tell you that our daughters became best friends, too, but sadly they barely know each other. They played together when they were little but when we all went our separate ways way back in the 70's that was the end of their relationship.

WG is a much better friend to me than I am to her! She sends me beautiful cards and always surprises me with something nice. I, on the other hand, send her computer written notes on plain white paper in business envelopes. Not very creative!

Well, she's done it again. When HB and I returned from our trip and he went to gather the accumulated mail from the post office.....there was another big box waiting for me. Yep! You guessed it....more yarn from WG!

I just don't understand why she sent me a box of yarn in that perfectly awful color! She must think that I'm a purple person! Does she know me or what?

And here's another of the wonderful cards that she included with the yarn....

I consider myself very fortunate to have WG as my friend for all these years. I hope she doesn't "kill" me when she sees this! Here is a photo of us when we were about 13 or 14....that's my mom in the background....I'm on the left and WG on the right.

Aren't we a couple of hotties!!! Don't you just love my hair??? And WOW....where did I get those glasses!

If I survive after WG sees this, I'll be back tomorrow....if not, you all will know what happened!!


  1. I love the photo! :-)

  2. That's not true, what about the crocheted things I love so much, the cross stiched picture, the art work, the beautiful handmade cards, and the list goes on, but best of all just being the greatest friend anybody could have....even still after this picture!!!!!!!!WG

  3. Thanks, Deb!

    WG....sorry about the photo! But aren't we cuties?!

  4. WG might like to have some crocheted items made with the purple. heheh

    What a nice story and what a nice friendship you have there.

    Those glasses are in style now.
    and I like the hairstyle on both of you.

  5. Pirk - thanks for the comments. Isn't it funny how all things seem to come back around and end up being in style again?!


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