Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big changes....

As you no doubt have realized....I haven't been available for several days. That's because I've been helping SWHP with her new shop. We have been painting and redecorating and I think it's going to look spectacular!

She chose a deep, dark chocolate brown for the feature color....and it really did look like melted chocolate when I opened the can. I asked her if she brought any strawberries for dipping! The back wall that you see when you walk in the door will be a golden brown color. We're putting a second coat on that wall today.

One side wall is broken up into three segments with some small column-like structures. The larger, middle section is chocolate, the columns will be the golden brown color and the two side sections will be a lighter brown. The opposing wall is all chocolate, and the front wall is mostly windows and she hasn't decided what she will do there.

My cousin's husband, Bill, came yesterday to build a false wall at the back of the platform that he helped build earlier. The wall will give the front window a more room-like appearance from the street.

I think SWHP has decided to change the name of the shop, too! She has decided that Plüm is a bit too feminine (since most of her customers so far have been men!) and she has renamed the shop DeKorum. I like that name much better, too.

Sorry there are no photos yet but I'll try to wipe the paint off my hands long enough to take a few snaps today.

I bet this is what you thought I was doing.....

No such luck! (By the way, that's Harley and his blankie catching a cat-nap in the family room the other day.)


  1. LOL, I love the cat napping.

  2. pirk - I love catching the cats when they sleep in weird positions. This is one of my favorites!

  3. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Oh that is so cute.
    Oh to be a
    c a t


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