Friday, May 19, 2006

Cars and Roses...Not Guns and Roses!

A big apology goes out to WG! I did not get anything posted on here yesterday, and after my last entry everyone probably thinks she did me in!! Not so! I'm still alive and kickin'! Life just got in the way yesterday....HB and I have several projects going in and around the house and time just got away from me.

We're in the "simplify" mode right now....getting rid of stuff, organizing things in a better way, and just generally getting ready for summer. Usually my son comes to visit us for a couple of months in the summer, and sometimes one, or both, of HB's kids makes a visit out here so summer can be busy. We both want to have the time to enjoy anyone and everyone who comes to that means we have to get our butts in gear and get things done!

And HB is doing research on cars. We're in the market for a new or slightly used car. We have two pick-ups and my little Honda that I've owned for 16 years! We're a bit crazy so each of the vehicles has a name! The big brown diesel truck is Bucky short for Buckaroo....the small red pick-up (that was supposed to be for me) is named Rita because somehow redheads make me think of Rita Hayworth! (I'm really showing my age now!) And my little red Honda is named Rhonda (another redhead ....Rhonda Fleming!) but mostly because it's R (our) Honda!

Rhonda has been an exceptionally good car but she's just getting old. Shh! don't tell her that. She faithfully takes me everywhere I need to go even though she has almost 200,000 miles on her!!!! I think she's holding up rather well....

I'm one of those people who believes if it works don't fix Rhonda has been with me for so long she's part of the family!

When I first met HB I had only had my car for a few months. At first HB wasn't too fond of Rhonda because she isn't American made....he is a member of the IBEW. But I love Rhonda....she is small and cute and has tons of space and most important...she is economical.

HB used to take a lot of flak from other IBEW members because I drove a Honda. Finally at one point I had had enough and told him to tell people that when they paid for my car then they could tell me what to drive!!!

I'm not sure he ever used that line but I stopped hearing so much about it. Now HB drives Rhonda around town and I think he secretly loves her too.

At the moment HB's front runner for a car is something like this....

He wants a luxury car. He says he's been driving pick-ups long enough and he's ready for something comfortable and quiet.

I, on the other hand would like to be more practical and maybe try one of the new hybrids (especially with gas prices going up all the time) like this....

But if I could have any kind of car I wanted, it would probably be something like this....

As I've mentioned before, I like little, low, sporty cars....low to the ground and haulin' ass!! But this car wouldn't be very practical for my usual running around town. I'd have to make a trip to the grocery store just about every day because I could only put one bag of groceries somewhere in this car! And forget about having too many people riding with me! So the search continues....

Now....this has absolutely nothing to do with cars but I have lots of rose bushes around our house (put there by previous owners) and these were blooming this I went outside to take a photo of Rhonda....

These are a lovely pale pink color that doesn't show very well with my little camera. I'm "sending" these to WG as part of my apology!!


  1. I used to have Camaro Z28, and when I chnged it to a Taurus (the wheels were stolen twice, had to change the car for insurance reasons), I was unhappy for a looong time. I now have a SUV, Escape, 2006, and it escapes, haahaa, I have a heavy foot. Before the Escape, I had Mustang, red, convertible, v8, whatever, but the insurance was way too much. But it was fun. I used to have a 1969 Mustang, a long time ago. Always wanted to have another 'stang.

    I like your choice of next car, that would be so cool. Have fun searching.

  2. I'm driving a car with almost 200K on it too...a 12 year old Buick. But I don't care...I love that car. We understand each other. I don't want another one until she dies. :-)

  3. Pirk - I love Mustangs! And convertibles!

    Deb - Yes, I think we DO understand each other! Scary isn't it!! ;-)


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