Monday, May 01, 2006

Eek! It's "E" day!

Today is an Easy day for my blog! This Entry is brought to you by the letter E....if anyone would like more information about doing a personal dictionary, just click on this link or use the "wordplay" button over there on the right side of my blog. The Explanation is all there. So here we go....

E - is for the fifth letter of our alphabet. There are some interesting facts about this letter here.
E - is for HB's middle initial....and he would "kill" me if I told what his middle name is!!! He hates it so much his son is a "Jr"!!! Go figure!
E - is for Edward. This name is prevalent in my family, plus my grandparents lived on Edward Street.
E - is for everything....I'm always saying that I want to know everything. I really mean that! I want to know everything there is to know. Do ya think my brain will hold it all?
E - is for Elvis. I remember seeing him on TV for the first time when I was about 13 years old. I was a goner! He was a very handsome young man, and I feel bad that his life turned out the way it did....
E - is for exploited. I think he was.
E - is for extra helpings. I'll always take them if it's ice cream! Or cookies!
E - is for ergonomics. Until I worked in the office of an office furniture maker, I didn't care about this word. I learned what it meant and why it's important.
E - is for eraser....I use these a lot! Plus they make good surfaces to carve my own stamps.
E - is for elegant. Something I'm not!
E - is for extravagant. I'm usually not this either.
E - is for equality. I wish I could say we all have it. Also egalitarian...I love the way this word sounds....and its meaning!
E - is for electrician. HB worked on large industrial projects (like Boeing) for many years. He has a master's license.
E - is for elevator. If it's a glass one I can't ride in it! I have vertigo.
E - is for embellish....something I would do to everything if HB didn't hold me back!
E - is for embroidery, done by mom taught me when I was about seven years old. I still like to embroider on things. I wish I still had some of her dish towels with each day of the week.
E - is for embarrassed. When I am, I blush! Hate that....
E - is for email. I love this way to communicate! I'm not good at making phone calls or writing letters so this is the perfect way for me to keep in touch with friends and family.
E - is for eyeglasses. I've worn them since I was in 6th grade....except for several years when I had contacts. I like my new ones.

So this concludes our Exploration of the letter E....I hope you Enjoyed the trip.

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