Friday, May 26, 2006 must be wordplay time

Here we go's letter is "G" If you would like to know more about this personal dictionary/alphabet thingie, you can click on the wordplay button on the right side of this blog or go to Laume's site and read about it.

G- is for Gail, my best friend. Oops, now I've told her name! But she already let the cat out of the bag in "comments" about names.....

G - is for gold. I'm a weird gal because I don't care for gold! I prefer silver.

G - is for gourmet....oh, please! In your dreams!

G - is for a green thumb. I actually have one of these....most of the time. But I have been known to just ignore a houseplant and only notice it when it's too late!

G - is for graham crackers, granola, gazpacho, and ginger....all things I like.

G - is also for grapes, one of my all-time favorite snacks. I love frozen grapes in the summer. HB and I have grapes growing in the backyard, (see them in the photo below) and we also like using grape designs in our home....but not too many. I don't like anything repeated too often.

G - is for grandma. Both of mine were from the from Tennessee and one from Kentucky. One was a tiny, little woman weighing less than 100 lbs and the other one was just the opposite. Guess which one I take after!!

G - is for gratitude. For the past several years I have kept a gratitude journal. I have Oprah and Sarah Ban Breathnach to thank for that idea.

G - is for Gone With the Wind. One of my early memories is of this film. I went with my mom who loved Clark Gable...what's not to like! Since then I've seen the film too many times to count, and also read the book several times.

G - is for gas....the kind you pump into your car (not the other kind!!) Gasoline is way too expensive in more ways than one. Don't even get me started on that!

G - is for gazebo. I would love to have one in my backyard. Then I could lounge away the afternoon, drinking mint juleps....oops, I'm getting into my Scarlet O'Hara trip now. If you would like to make mint juleps for yourself, try this website.

G - is for gratis. Oh, how I love that! Trouble is, it usually isn't.

G - is for gel. Thank goodness for hair gel or my hair would just lay there instead of standing straight up....kind of wild and crazy-like.

G - is for Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire! Now that really dates me! But it's still a good song!

That concludes our trip through the letter "G" sure to stay tuned for the next one. In case you haven't already guessed, I like doing these! Thanks Laume and DebR for introducing this idea to me.

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  1. They are fun, aren't they! I'll miss doing these posts when I've gone all the way through the alphabet.

    Love your G-list!


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