Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe.... visit blogland....I'm baack!

HB and I arrived home Friday evening, the 12th, and immediately collapsed on the couches. We had been up and on the road since about 6:00 AM and were thoroughly road weary and ready to be home.

We had a safe and successful trip, saw some friends, got some business done, and for the most part, enjoyed ourselves. As always, on any trip, there were some things that didn't go as planned. And on Wednesday morning we woke to a light layer of snow on everything but since we have lived in Colorado Springs before, we knew how unpredictable the weather can be.

All the way there and back, HB kept me entertained with his warped sense of humor and his way with words. There was a lot of laughing and that always makes a trip more fun.

Harley and LuLu were both very upset with us! We left them in a "pet resort" but I don't think they enjoyed it. LuLu hid under the guest room bed for quite awhile when she first got home, and Harley just wanted out but then he just hung out on the patio. I think they were both confused by the whole ordeal.

Sorry this is so short but I'm still trying to recover from my "vacation"....

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