Monday, May 29, 2006

A puttering, black and white week end

So far HB and I have had a lazy kind of week end. He's puttered around in his workshop and I've puttered around in my workshop and once in awhile we stick our heads out and see what's going on!

Last week I had SWHP look at some afghan patterns from a crochet book. She had actually found the book for me a couple of years ago. She knows I love old crochet patterns. This is the book....

I told her if there was anything she would like for the shop to let me know. This is what she picked....

The black and white circle afghan in the upper left hand corner. The pattern actually uses a dark brown, black and white but you can barely see the color difference in the photo and SWHP just wanted it done in black and white.

So this is what I've done so far....they look brownish but that's just my camera. They are black and off-white.

The pattern calls for 7 circles, 12 of the partial circles as shown, and 26 of another partial circle, plus 4 more to finish the "corners", and 2 striped panels for either side. I think it will be very unusual when I'm finished with it.


  1. Holy mackerel! That'll be gorgeous when it's done, but well....holy mackerel!!

  2. That book looks familiar, but maybe it's just the colorful blanket on the fence that I've seen before.

    I really like the circles. Please take a picture when it's done. Interesting.

  3. Deb - I was kinda thinking the same thing!!

    Pirk - I will definitely take a photo when I'm finished...and maybe a few more in-between. The book is an oldie. I think it's from the late 70's or early 80's. I'm too lazy to go upstairs to look at the date!!


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