Saturday, May 20, 2006

A very special day....

Once again I'm "stealing" something from DebR! She always has the best memes and I just can't resist some of them.

So today being Saturday and a day when I won't have a lot of extra time for the blog, I'm going to do this....

5 Things:

5 items in my fridge:

1. Vanilla soy this on my oatmeal each morning.

2. Flavored waters. Since I gave up high-fructose-corn-syrup-laden sodas, this is what I drink most of the time. But I'm careful to get ones with minimum added stuff.

3. Tofu....yes, I eat tofu! Not all the time but once in awhile I like to use it in a dish. I don't eat meat other than a bit of turkey. Does that count as meat? Maybe I should put it under the fowl category!
4. Pomegranate Cider. Haven't opened this yet. I think I got it at Trader Joe's. It sounded good at the time but since I got it home I haven't been tempted yet.

5. Paint brushes. HB wraps paint brushes in plastic and stores them in the fridge!

5 items in my closet:
1. Blue jeans and jean shorts. Don't worry....I usually only wear the shorts at home. I don't subject the general public to my colorless, pale white legs. Too many people were complaining of being blinded by them so I had to stop.

2. Tee shirts. The second part of my almost-daily uniform. I have bright colors in the pink/blue/purple range and a few black and gray. I love greens and yellows but with my coloring I can't wear them.

3. Some fantastic, furry purple slippers that SWHP gave me for Christmas. And a pair of fuzzy, purple socks that WG sent to me. When it's cold I sometimes wear them together!!

4. A couple of "dressy" outfits in that micro fabric that NEVER wrinkles. I love them because I can just throw them on the shelf but if I need to look presentable for something I don't have to spend hours ironing. Note: this probably only happens in your dreams! I seldom dress up or spend time ironing!

5. My first formal, my high school graduation dress, and the first outfit I ever bought with my own money! Yes, I still have them and they are currently hanging in my closet in one of those vinyl garment bags.

5 items in my purse:

1. Cell phone. I barely ever use it but I keep it with me just in case. I just never know when I might want to make a quick call to see if Johnny Depp is busy and can have coffee with me. Or to check if my ship has come in yet! Or any of those other absolutely necessary calls that a person has to make while zooming down the road doing 90 MPH. Can you tell this is one of my pet peeves?!!

2. Receipts of all kinds. I save every receipt when I buy anything. I'm just weird....what more can I say!

3. Nail clippers and a file. If I'm going to break a nail, it's usually when I'm out and about.

4. A small pocket-sized package of toilet seat covers! I hate using a public bathroom and not having a seat cover so I carry my own!

5. Not much else except the usual wallet, pens, small notebook (nothing exciting)

5 items in my Desk: (Since I don't have drawers in my desk, this will be things on my desk.)

1. A small pinky-purplish piggy bank.

2. A wonderful "menopause" figurine WG sent to me one year. And of course it's lavender!!

3. A container of chewable calcium "candies" in caramel flavor. I usually have some kind of regular candy "hidden" somewhere but I'm all out.

4. LuLu's kitty bed is sitting on a shelf right over the desk....does that count? She likes to sleep up there because it's a little hidden. Guess what color her bed is? PURPLE!! Can you see a pattern here?

5. Mary Englebreit calendar. I buy one every year. They're bright and cheerful and help keep me on track.

I'm including a photo of a couple of things....

Just for the record, so you know that HB and I have a busy, fun-filled social life ....guess where he's taking me today! I'm sooo excited. I get to dress for the occasion, wear gloves and just feel extra special. Have you guessed?? Today we're taking all our household hazardous waste to the dump! Now aren't you all jealous of me?!! HB always takes me to the best places! This is something we only do once in awhile so today's the big day.


  1. LOVE the fuzzy slippers and socks!

  2. DebR - Thanks! I do, too! They make warm, toasty tootsies.


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