Monday, June 26, 2006

An apology....

Well, once again I have screwed up big time! Yesterday I posted something I wrote using a one-word prompt. I got the idea from but I didn’t take the time to actually READ the instructions. I just jumped ahead, hit the go button and got a word....then I went to my blog and wrote what came into my head about that word.

But according to the comments, I did it all wrong. I have a bad habit of jumping ahead and doing things out of sequence. I went back and read the instructions and realized my mistake. Now I am embarrassed!!

So consider this my official apology to anyone who was offended by my inability to follow instructions. And I won’t be doing this again. I will stick to things I know something about.

Here are some flowers that are blooming in my yard right now....enjoy.


  1. Don't apologize, it is the web, You can do it however you want to! ;)

  2. No need to apologize, just accept my thanks for posting the link, so I could have fun, too.

    I did the world "sketch"

  3. Good grief, I don't see how or why any apology is necessary! Even if you'd read the instructions and chosen to write about it on your blog instead of on the oneword site, rather than misreading the instructions, I wouldn't see it being a big deal. Your blog, your rules!

    When I asked if you posted your results on the site, I was just curious, not criticizing. :-)

  4. Thanks for doing the word thing your way and for posting your musings. It touched a little locked place in me, and awakened some dreams...

    Yummy flowers!

  5. Nice flowers. Makes me want to pick some on the way home.

  6. Thanks everyone! I was just so embarrassed when I read the directions, and didn't want anyone to think I was trying to pass off my little tirade as a 60 second deal! I just need to slow down and pay attention!!


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