Monday, June 26, 2006

Backyard Bloomin'

The grapevines in the backyard are beginning to show signs of a yummy summer for me. I love grapes and when I can just walk out the back door and pick my own....well, that's just about heaven!

HB and I put some netting over the vines a few weeks ago in the hopes of keeping the birds out of them. Ha!...fat chance! Those birds are determined little devils. I've seen them get down on the ground and wiggle under the netting! Then they get caught inside and don't know how to get they just gorge themselves on grapes!

Harley, our outside cat, usually keeps the bird population down but somehow he misses the ones that attack my grapevines. Guess I'll have to re-train him!

And I tried to photograph these glads yesterday but it was too sunny and bright. Today it's a bit cloudy and they came out better. They are the most gorgeous peachy salmon-y color. I can't take credit for any of the things blooming in our yard. They were all here when we bought the house!

Here's Harley on patrol!! Somehow he doesn't seem to be keeping an eye out for birds....what do you think??


  1. Oh, those glads are just gorgeous! They make me a bit wistful, as mine have all died out. (They don't overwinter well here and I'm too lazy to bother digging them up and storing them over the winter.) I should plant more next year!

  2. Deb - they come up every year all on their own, a leftover from previous owners. I love their color.

    Thanks for stopping by....


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