Monday, June 19, 2006


I just received the latest family newsletter from my granddaughters in Hawaii. Here is another poem by the youngest, Willow, who is 15.

What is Beauty?

What is Beauty?
Asks the mother, stroking her baby's hair
What is Beauty?
Asks the sheperd, tending his sheep with care
What is Beauty?
Asks the child, dressing her dolly in lace
What is Beauty?
Asks the maiden, dancing with flowing grace
What is Beauty?
Asks the widow
Bringing flowers to her husband's grave
What is beauty?
They all ask,
Expecting an answer to the question they gave
But don't they know?
Don't they already see?
Beauty is there
Surrounding them
Around them
Beauty is them
For all is Beauty
Beauty is all
Invisible to only beauty itself.

Speaking of beauty, I recently saw this photo on Jill's blog and I thought it was a hoot! Where do you think I'll have to go to get one of these mirrors for myself?? I doubt if Wal-mart carries them!!


  1. LOL I need that mirror too!

  2. What a lovely poem and talented granddaughter. It touched me that one so young should be so wise.

    Maybe the woman in front of the mirror needs to read your granddaughter's poem?

  3. kathy - I thought that mirror photo was just so funny.

    robin - thanks for the comments on the poem. I'll be sure to let Willow know.

  4. What a touching poem. She has a gift, that grandchild of yours.

    I would like to get one of those mirrors, please. LOL!

    Thank you for the nice comment on the butterfly.

  5. Debbi Brown8:40 PM

    Willow is quite talented. Her poem is wonderful. As for the mirror, I want one. All mine have this old grey headed lady lurking in them!


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