Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Birthday and a Graduation

I couldn't show you these things earlier....this is the card I made for my grandson, Ryder's, 14th birthday....

Here is the inside, complete with a pocket holding $25 in gift certificates for his favorite ice cream.

Ryder graduated from middle school the day after his birthday and this is something I made for that celebration....book not included!!

No, it isn't a card. This is what's on the inside....

It's like a "notepad" but it's all dollar bills! I did one of these for Ryder last Christmas as a little extra and he really liked it. He can just "tear off" a dollar or two whenever he wants to buy something.

Here are a few recent photos of Ryder....I love the one in the bottom corner where he's wearing a jacket that says "flip" (it's a skateboard logo) and his hair has a little flip on the side! And how about that cool tie! He's a handsome guy! By the way, Ryder is (SWHP) Molly's son.


  1. Handsome guy! Happy Birthday, Ryder!

    I love the idea for the "little extra" Wow, that is a cool thing.

    The BD card is clever, too.

    Ryder must be happy!

  2. Very creative giftie stuff! And I like the collage.

  3. pirk - Thanks. I like doing those little extras, and Ry likes them too.

    debr - My handsome guy does make for a nice collage! Thanks....

  4. Hi Mom! I love the collage of Ry! You'll have to send that over to me.

  5. Love this money booklet idea. Hope you won't mind if I adopt it for use? Thanks for sharing.

  6. Debbi Brown8:37 PM

    Ryder is one lucky guy! He is such a cutie. No woner you are proud of him. I love your cards!


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