Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Circle of Life....

Yesterday I wasn't able to upload photos. Today I'm having better luck!! This is what I am currently working on...

It's a felt book, edged in yarn, with embroidery and beads used as embellishments. That's a needle and thread laying across the front. I was mid stitch when I decided to take the photo!

Inside there are two pages with the word "love" and more circles. I like working with felt and embroidery. Both come in such an array of colors that it makes it easy to be creative. Here is a photo of my work space during the process....

That's the back of the book on the table. I just covered the back cover in random stitches using several shades of green embroidery thread. I should have this book finished in a couple of days. I'll show the inside at that time.


  1. This is cool!

  2. Thanks! I'm doing lots of beading on the inside. I wish I had taken photos of the one I gave you.


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