Saturday, June 17, 2006

An emerging new/old interest....

I'm really getting inspired by a couple of blogs I've recently discovered. I especially like Bead Lust. I have dabbled with beading but don't know too much about it....although the whole process fascinates me. It's that embellishing thing. I'm one of those "more is always better" kind of people!

I decided to order one of Robin Atkins'books so that maybe I can learn a little more about beading. She has some amazing examples of beading on her blog, as well as spirit dolls that were made by some visiting Japanese ladies. I like that kind of artwork....spirit dolls are so individual and so "ouside the lines"

I made my first spirit doll last fall. It was for my cousin's birthday. It was the first time I ever tried anything like that, and I made it up as I went along. I wanted it to represent "family" so I used spirals to represent the spiral of life as in motherhood - bringing life from a central point.

And since my cousin is a person with a heart of gold, I made a heart using gold beads to represent that aspect of her personality.

I'm hoping that with some further information from the book that I can improve on my beading and thus also improve my spirit doll skills. I've always liked the idea of spirit dolls or art dolls ever since I saw my first one. If you have an interest in them you might enjoy these photos that I found on google.


  1. Let me know what you think of this book. I have her Bead Embellishment book. Along the lines of spirit dolls - check out Ronda Kivett at
    I wanted to sign up for the tree spirit doll class but it came at the wrong time.

  2. I saw a new booklet by Melody MacDuffee. She had created different crocheted edgings with beads. There were some nice patterns. A friend of mine had received a complimentary copy. I don't know when it's going to be available, but I might look for it at CGOA Summer show, in King of Prussia, PA, in July.

    Thank You for the compliment in my blog. I put a new pic of the shawl.

    I've borrowed the book you mentioned,from the library.

  3. Thanks, Janet, for the nod to my blog in your post today. Your work is lovely! The love and attention to symbolism in your spirit doll makes it a very special gift, indeed.

  4. I totally forgot to make a comment on your doll, she's gorgeous. I am sure a doll like that is with you for ever.

    I am planning to make one, after my trip to the CGOA show in July.

  5. kathy - thanks for the new site to check out.
    pirk - I'll look into the MacDuffee booklet. It sounds interesting. Let me know if you make a doll, too.
    robin - thanks for your nice comments, and I'm happy to link to such a beautiful blog.


    Here is another interesting bead site, and even with some free patterns.


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