Friday, June 09, 2006

A fun day and some old drawings

This will be a short post. HB and I are off for another family day. We're going to an open house for the new baby....little Kaelyn was born on May 25th. She is my cousin's new granddaughter. And even though most babies are cute....she is adorable!

I'm sure there will be much food, soft drinks, and lots of fun. And thankfully the weather has cooled off so it should be an enjoyable day.

I will have some photos to show you in the next few days....of some of my recent projects. As I mentioned, my grandson has a birthday and a middle school graduation coming up. I'm making some things for those celebrations. Since he doesn't read my blog I feel confident I can show what I'm working on.

And just bee-cause I don't have anything else to show you today I'll post a couple of old drawings I did when I was trying to learn to draw in pencil.

Here's another one....

I finally gave up on pencil drawing and moved on to other things. Recently while going through some old papers I found these tucked away. The date says they were done in 1994.

That's it for today....sorry it isn't more exciting but stay tuned for more crafty stuff coming up.


  1. The drawings are fantastic! Real inspiration to me.

    Congratulations on the new baby!

  2. Thanks, Pirk. I have always enjoyed drawing but until I did those I had never taken it seriously. I really tried to learn how to shade but it was only through a book.


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