Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Fun Trip Through Blogland

From an early age, I've always been interested in making something from nothing. It fascinates me, intriques me, frustrates me, and amazes me. I've discovered a lot of other people are just like me. I regularly read Swapatorium, a blog listed as "a journey through junkland" kind of place. A few days ago the blog featured several artists who are selling their handmade items on etsy. Some of the items were made from recycled things such as junk mail. Anytime anyone can find a use for junk mail, I'm all for it!

If you haven't already visited these two sites, take a few minutes and check them out. This is another cool site that has recycled art. I especially like these baskets and these necklaces. There are lots more interesting items on this site and I could probably spend too many hours and too much $$ without half trying.

And speaking of spending money, I would like to know if anyone reading this has any experience ordering from here. I was looking through the "crafts and hobbies" section and they have a couple of magazines I might be interested in but I always wonder about places if I haven't heard anything about them! So I'm asking....any experience with this place?

Sorry this is so short and no photos, but HB and I are going to Burbank to spend the day at Dekorum and then later we'll have dinner with Molly and Ryder. And I think Molly is starting a Dekorum blog soon!!!

And just one more thing....Happy 35th Birthday to Laurie!!!!


  1. No pictures is ok with me... I always enjoy your words and your links... although, I don't know when I'll ever get back to beading. Reading blogs and exploring links takes hours and hours. Have to admit to feeling a bit guilty when Robert asks what I've been doing all day, and I have to answer, "ah, er... blogging."

  2. Janet...This is so cute....I love star jasmine...hope it's a bit cooler for you....This heat is something else....

  3. wow, you get around on the 'net!! These are awesome links!!! I hope you have fun in Burbank!


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