Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"I" Day....

Once again the time has rolled around for the next installment of wordplay. If you want to know more about this you can click the "Wordplay" button on the right side of my blog or you can go directly to Laume's blog and read about it. Or you may want to learn about the movie of the same name. If so, check it out here.

I - is for Illinois. This is the state where I was born and lived until I was 36 years old. HB and I lived there for a few months while he was doing a job in Chicago but other than that I have not returned. I have not been back to my hometown since the day I left.

I - is for interesting, innovative, impossible....all words that seem to apply to my affair with "art"....it's definitely interesting, usually very innovative, and totally impossible for me to do!

I - is for incredible. I use this word way too often.

I - is for Ivan. My dad had a friend named Ivan when I was a child. I always thought of Ivanhoe when I saw him. He was a big, burly man....lived in a remote cabin-like house, and kept raccoons as pets! I thought he was fascinating.

I - is for impulse. I can be impulsive at times but usually I'm not. Unless it's when buying art/craft supplies!! Or books!

I - is for Irish. My children are half Irish. I love to hear people speak with a brogue. My ex-husband's grandmother spoke with one so thick I could barely understand her.

I - is for inquisitive. I am, even though as a child my mom told me it wasn't nice to ask questions!!!

I - is for Israel....not the country! My high school principal was Mr Israel. It's the only time I ever met anyone with that name, and I've always remembered it.

I - is for ironing. Are you kidding me! Only when I absolutely HAVE to. I've already told you I'm not very domestic.

I - is for immaculate. Again, are you kidding me? My favorite household quote is in my photo collage below....it explains this word!

I - is for internet. I love being "connected" and use the internet for so many things. I would be lost without it. Any time I hear about something that sounds interesting I look it up online.

I - is for independence. Probably the one thing I taught my kids....how to be independent. I wasn't taught that when I was growing up, but learned it later in life.

I - is for indigo. It isn't purple but I still like it!

I - is for illuminate. I like good lighting. Too many times lighting is overlooked when decorating a room. And in my workroom I have several different types of lamps for different things I do.

I - is for illness. I have had very little illness in my life, and I'm very thankful for that.

I - is for ice and I like lots of it in my drinks. I hate getting a glass of water with one or two tiny ice cubes floating in it!

I - is for ice cream! YUM!! I love it. I like to make my own in a little Donvier ice cream maker. My dad worked as an ice cream deliveryman when I was a kid, and he was able to bring home free ice cream once a week. My favorite then was butter pecan. I still like that flavor but maybe coffee flavor is my favorite now. Or strawberry, blackberry, peach....I think you get the idea.


  1. Fun, as always, Janet!

    Love the collage.

  2. Janet, thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your comments. I have just been way overwhelmed with busy-ness of all kinds so have spent very little time on the computer.

    This is a great post and fun collage!

  3. deb and ellen - thanks for the comments about the collage. I appreciate each and every one.

  4. I just found you through wordplay. Great list, and fun collage!


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