Saturday, June 17, 2006

I had a lazy Saturday afternoon...

Most of the day Saturday was taken up with cleaning -UGH- my office. I don't know how it gets in the mess that it does but after awhile I can't take it any longer. That's what happened Saturday morning.

Later in the day I cruised around the web and discovered some more fantastic sites that I want to share with you. First up is Amiglia. I learned about this site from Sharonb. She always finds such interesting websites.

Then while cruisin' around on my own, I came upon this jewelry site. I must warn you that there are some absolutely gorgeous pieces (IMHO) on this site. I drooled all over my keyboard.

I got to the jewelry site from here and this also had some jewelry that I liked. And I'm not even much of a jewelry person anymore but these pieces are more like wearing art.

Wearable art has fascinated me ever since I came upon my first book about it way back in the early 80's. It wasn't jewelry. It was clothing. I scanned the cover below and as you can see, I've had this book for awhile! The edges are worn and there's a small corner crease, and some of the pages are beginning to come loose. I love this book!

I can still remember the day that I found the book in a bookstore in Pasadena, CA. I had never seen anything like it before and was completely mesmerized by it. At the time I really didn't have a lot of extra money to spend on a book but I had to have it. I bought it - the back cover lists the price as $9.95!! - and took it home and just devoured it. I just knew the woman who did all the clothes was a genius.

I had grown up around women who sewed - my mom used to make most of my clothes. In high school I was voted one of the best-dressed girls in my class and it was mostly thanks to my mom's abilities at the sewing machine. Her sister, my Aunt Louise, could look at a picture in a magazine and then create that very dress without a pattern. So I was no stranger to people who sewed - but this was entirely different.

I tried my hand at a vest, using a ready-made vest as my basis and then adding fabric that I had on hand, along with other embellishments (there's that word again!) but it just never quite worked out right. (NOTE - I TRIED TO INCLUDE A PHOTO OF THE VEST BUT BLOGGER WOULDN'T LET ME. I DIDN'T THINK THE VEST LOOKED THAT BAD! I'LL TRY TO POST IT IN A SEPARATE ENTRY LATER TODAY.) I only wore it a couple of times. Now it's much too small for me!!

If I had to flee my home, this book would probably be one of the things I'd want with me! Yes, I'm really THAT attached to it! The style of the clothing is all out-dated by now but I still love to look at it. Do you have books like this - ones you couldn't part with, no matter what?


  1. have you checked out they have a timeline feature that lets you chronicle the events of your life, and then print them out in a nice book format with pictures. it's great for those of us who are scrapbook-inclined. :)

  2. juusan - thanks for the website. I'll check it sounds interesting. And thanks for stopping by. I looked at your blog and liked some of your recipes.


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