Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'm being "crafty"

I'm having a lazy Sunday morning. Later we are invited to a barbeque at SWHP home. I think it might be a mini-celebration of the "teaser" I gave you earlier. Some rather nice things are happening for her and the shop. I should be able to tell you all about it after Tuesday. Sorry....but I'm sworn to secrecy!

In my little (quite messy) workshop I have been busy making a few pillows for the shop. Here are a couple that are ready....

The green one is some vintage fabric SWHP found. It has astrology signs on it and is really cute. Here's a close-up....

I made a simple pillow case and added the pink tassels. The pink and orange one is some fabric I found, and I added the orange's a weird fabric with long, furry threads. I thought it looked funky!

I'll be taking these down to SWHP along with this wood tray that I just finished. I had the tray but it was plain wood and had a "bad painted thing" on the bottom. I bought it with the idea of re-doing it sometime. It had been in my craft closet for a couple of years!!! Here's what I did....

Yea!!! I'm successfully uploading photos today!! I have no idea what was going on but the blogger message boards were humming about this problem. Hopefully it's fixed.

Back to is the second photo of the little purses that I've been trying to upload for a couple of days....

I hope you all are having an enjoyable's gonna be HOT the upper 90's! SWHP has a pool so maybe I'll dip my little piggies in the water (I can't swim!!)


  1. these bags are just lovely especially the ivory one..are they crocheted? If so, is it a fine cotton?..the stitches look so fine.

  2. mariannealice - Yes, they are crocheted. I used a #10 crochet thread and made the stitches fairly tight. I have a few more on my flickr page at:


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