Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm Hot!!

Bet you thought I was gonna show you some skin or something like that!! Nah... just the thermometer on the patio, in the shade, at about 11:00 this morning. But it's a dry heat! LOL I was afraid to look again so don't know what the high was but I'm sure it made triple digits.

I managed to work on a few things early in the day but mostly I've just been staying quiet and drinking lots of water.

We had fun in Burbank yesterday. I got to spend some time with Molly at Dekorum, and then we all went out for dinner....kind of a late combined celebration for Ryder. We ate at this restaurant. It's one of Ryder's favorites, and it was a lot of fun....good food, nice ambiance, good service. And they even had veggie burgers for me!

Molly is starting a blog for Dekorum so when it's up and running I'll let you know. She has so much "new" stuff that I spent quite a bit of time just wandering around the store looking at things. And she has a very cool new sign on the roof of the building. That should help attract customers. Plus there's a new coffee house opening right next door to her in a couple of weeks so that should also generate some interest.

Now I'm headed back to the cool of the family room. See you all tomorrow.


  1. That is stinkin' hot.

    And Ned is a total cutie.

  2. Debbi Brown8:33 PM

    I can't wait for Molly's blog!


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