Thursday, June 29, 2006

I've got the blues....

I love cruisin' around the web. When I don't have anything to do (??!!) that's my favorite pastime. It's amazing the things you can find....and some of them are even things that I might actually want to see!!

I was doing that very thing when I came across this blog. She has some very interesting crocheted items, and I like her handmade shoes.

Another intriguing site was this one with spirit dolls. I love her work. Be sure to check out the ones made with dollar store corkscrews!

This is always a fun way to spend a few minutes each day. A bit like meeting new people when I'm out and about.

Now, on to another subject....I'm starting another project! I know! I know....I can just hear everyone! But I mentioned a couple of days ago that a dear friend of mine is facing some serious surgery and I want to make something special for her.

These are the fabrics I chose for a spirit doll to help in healing. I chose mostly blue because that is my friend's favorite color. And she loves flowers so I included a flowered fabric. I thought the green went with it all, and it made me think of leaves.

And these are some of the beads and other little things I've pulled together. I may or may not use any or all of them but they're what I have in blues. I'll probably try to get some other colors in there....maybe some greens and a tiny bit of purple. I think I need some different sized beads, too. But this will get me started....One Bead at a Time!! (Have I mentioned how much I love this book!!)

I saw this idea on Robin's blog and the timing was just right. I decided to make a healing doll for Kathy. She is not online so there's no chance she will see this. Kathy is just about the most creative person I've ever met, and now she's just stuck in depression over the impending surgery. I'm also working on a little memory book for her and will post some photos of that when I'm finished.


  1. Thanks for this post, it made me curious about Robin's blog on beading---went there and I loved it
    I have saved beads over the years, made a few necklaces but now feel inspired to try other things. Also a big thank you to Robin. WG

  2. The Linda8:13 AM

    Your project looks like it has the makings to be wonderful.
    Hope it lifts your friend's spirit!

  3. Green is the color of new beginnings, of spring and healthy new growth... very appropriate for this doll. Also if you happen to have any amethyst, it's considered to be a very powerful healing stone. A friend, who has researched about stones, says it is "a protective stone with a high spiritual vibration; extremely beneficial to the mind and helps you feel less scattered, less scared, more focused and in control." Personally, I'm on the edge in terms of my beliefs about stones... yet when I include them in or on my dolls, they do seem to have more energy somehow. Anyway, you have a lovely start here... your friend is blessed by your love and care.


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