Saturday, June 24, 2006

June 24th....A Very Special Day

On this day in 1990 I spent the day with Molly but I had promised the manager of the apartment building where I lived, that I would join her for a drink late in the reluctantly I left Molly, went home, spruced up a bit and met Inez at the appointed time. The apartment building where I lived at the time (I was single back then) was across the street and down a bit, from Rusty's Hacienda, a popular Mexican restaurant/bar.

I was promptly introduced all around because Inez was a regular and everyone knew her. She was a Cajun woman from Louisiana and it was absolutely a hoot to listen to her tell stories.

We sat at the bar and I had a glass of white wine and just mostly sat back and took in the scene. Inez, who I might add, was about 80 years old at the time, was having a very good time talking and entertaining the others around us.

At some point I went in search of the little girl's room. When I returned, there was a guy seated right next to my space. When I sat down, he said something to me and we began talking. He was polite, charming, handsome, and told me he was from West Palm Beach, Florida. He was in California working on a project in downtown L.A.

We ending up talking and talking, and finally exchanged phone numbers. He called me four days later. That's how I met HB, and that was the beginning of the best part of my life!

He later told me that he had been on his way somewhere else that evening but when he passed by Rusty's a "little voice" told him to turn around and go back there. He actually had to go several more blocks because it's a divided street with a center island, but he got to the next place to make a turn and he decided to follow the little voice. I'm sure glad he did!!

Five years after our meeting, on the same exact day of the month, we were married on our property near Cripple Creek, CO. HB chose the day. He's very romantic....much more than I am! He used to pack my lunch for me when I still worked in an office and he would always put little notes and drawings in my lunch bag. I still have all of them! For the first three years after we met, he used to give me a card each and every 24th day of each month! After 36 months I thought we could stop doing that....I still have many of those cards, too.

Here is a photo taken when we first knew each other....and before we had gray hair!

He's my sweetie, and the best thing that has happened to me. Happy Anniversary, Hubby Bubby....I love you bunches.


  1. I love reading stories about how people met.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. This is soooooo dear! Happy Meeting Anniversary, and my you have many many more in years to come!!!!! Love the picture too!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Janet and HB!

    What a nice story, I felt like being in there, having wine and

    Many Many More Happy Anniversaries!

  4. Thanks to everyone....we appreciate your comments.

  5. Linda4:13 AM

    Love these 'meant to be' stories. So sweet.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both! Beautiful story. xoxox

  7. awww. how romantic! lovely story thanks for sharing it with us janet.

  8. I love this story Jan! What a keeper ~ I wish you years and years of happy moments!


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