Tuesday, June 27, 2006

K time....

Time once again for wordplay. If you would like to play along or just know more about it, you can click the "wordplay" button on the right side of my blog or you can go to Laume's website. There is also a movie with the same name. Join in....it's fun!

K - is for me again!! Kay is my middle name.

K - is for Kansas, where my father was born and raised. My grandparents lived on a farm south of Minneola, Ks and in later years had a cattle ranch near Mullinville, Ks. I spent a couple of weeks a year in Kansas when I was a kid.

K - is for Kentucky, where my maternal grandmother was born. She was one of Martha's daughters. I think she was born in Springfield, the County Seat of Washington County. At least that's what the information I have tells me.

K - is for kitties....I love them all. Cats are my favorite pet. I love Harley Dude and LuLu Baby.

K - is for Kingsolver, Barbara. I enjoyed "Poisonwood Bible"

K - is for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, two celebrities in the news recently.

K - is for Kris Kringle....we all love him, right!

K - is for Kool-aid. I probably drank gallons of this when I was a kid! Grape was my favorite, then strawberry. I haven't had Kool-aid in years!!

K - is for Coach Kiick. When I was in high school he was the Director of Athletics and he taught mental hygiene. I had such a crush on him!!! He was also a counselor and I used to make up problems just so I could talk to him! I took mental hygiene (?) only because he was the teacher, and I sat in the front row.

K - is for Keyes, Francis Parkinson I read her books when I was in high school and in my very early adult years.

K - is for Old King Cole. This was a favorite when I was a little kid. My baby book (more about this later) tells me that I had trouble saying it and called him Old King Cone!

K - is for knitting. I just learned to knit earlier this year. I enjoy it but have not done a lot of it lately.

K - is for Kathy, the name of the person who taught me to knit. Since then she has become a good friend; and also Kathy is the name of a dear friend in Illinois who is facing some serious surgery.

K - is for kiss, the real kind and the chocolate kind, too!

And last K - is for Katrina....don't even get me started on that whole mess!!

HB gave me a word he thought I should include - kinky!! But that's just him....not me!! I guess that concludes our tour of the letter "K"....


  1. Totally enjoy the ABC's of YOU! Would you mind sharing how you did the photo collage at the end? It's great!

  2. Great list and I love the collage!

    (I'm posting "O" tomorrow.)


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