Wednesday, June 28, 2006

L.A. Freeways Take Their Toll

This is what HB's left hand looks like! Apparently he has strained his "freeway driving" finger and has to give it a rest for the next few days!!

Sorry....I just couldn't resist that! Out here in Southern California it seems that the middle finger gets a more-than-usual workout when driving the freeways. People flip the bird over just about anything!

That's not really what happened to HB though. He cut his finger while shopping at Home Depot!! He was searching for that just perfect piece of lumber, having had a salesperson cut the metal banding that held the bundle together. One piece wouldn't come out and HB gave it a jerk, lost his grip, and somehow made contact with the metal banding. Ouch!!

At first he thought it was just a scratch, headed to the men's room to wash it off and discovered it was quite deep. So he drove to the emergency room after calling to let me know what had happened.

I met him there and kept him company until he was able to have his finger attended. When they finally got him in to stitch it up, the stitches wouldn't hold! They were trying to put five stitches in his finger but had to eventually use "super glue"....

Now all I have to say is "Aawww, poor baby!"


  1. Dang, hope it heals fast! At least he has a very visible freeway finger in the meantime. :-)

  2. Yes, Poor HB. Hope it doesn't hurt too much.

    I was thinking that his Freeway Finger is now in perfect view, if he so decides.

  3. Thanks Deb and Pirk!! HB is doing fine but I'm insisting that he keep his finger out of sight while driving!!


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