Friday, June 30, 2006

The Land of "L"....

Oh, my gosh!! It's time for wordplay again. I'm having so much fun with this! If anyone out there in blogland wants to do this, just jump in and give it a go. You can click on the link above or the button on the right side of the blog to learn more about how it began.

I'm also looking forward to the movie by the same name. I like doing crosswords and playing Scrabble....although I haven't done either in quite sometime. Maybe I'll have to change that!

This week we will be traveling to the land of "L"....

L - is for Los Angeles. I don't live in the city but I do live in LA County. It is a city where you can find just about everything, and somethings you might not want to find! Its exciting, beautiful, ugly, clean, dirty, fast-paced, slow,....well you get the picture. It just depends on which part of the city you're in and what your interests are.

L - is for LOST!!! My favorite TV program. I love this show! Molly and I watch each episode and then call each other and talk about the show. She likes Locke and I like Sawyer, Jin, and Sayid (I like those Bad Boys!!) So far I've only missed one episode!

L - is for lavender. The plant and the them both.

L - is for lemons....a nice thin slice in a glass of ice cold water is heaven! And I just discovered Trader Joe's Lemon Curd on crumpets. Oh, so very English!! And yummy!

L - is for lines. When I was a kid my mom always wanted me to stay in the lines when I colored. Maybe that's why I have such a hard time being creative now.

L - is for lines, again....I hate to stand in them most of the time but gladly stood in a looooong line, in the freezing cold to see an Elvis Presley movie when I was younger!

L - is for LuLu, our sweet, little, spoiled rotten, indoor kitty cat.

L - is for lady. No matter what, when I hear that word I always hear Jerry Lewis saying it!!!

L - is for late. I don't like to be late, in fact I'm usually early if anything. But I like to stay up late.

L - is for Letterman, David. I think he's mellowed somewhat since becoming a father and I like him much better now and usually watch him rather than the other L guy!

L - is for left-overs. Since I hate to cook, I like to make something that will last for more than one meal! And some things get better after a day or so, such as chili or stew or ham and beans etc. I don't actually eat any of those things anymore but HB enjoys them.

L - is for loafers as in penny. I wanted a pair of them so badly when I was a kid but since I had skinny feet I had to wear shoes that laced and I hated them!

L - is for lace. I don't wear it (not a lacey kind of gal) but I like it on pillowcases, or old hankies, or little snippets of it on a fabric collage.

L - is for LOVE. I love everything about this word! And I use it way too much! That doesn't mean I use it loosely because I don't. I just love lots of things. And lots of people! And life in general.....

And I love blogging!!!! Thanks to all of you for making it a pleasurable experience. I value every visitor and every comment and look forward each day to new ones.

Edited: I can't believe I left this one out!!!!

L - is for Led of my all-time (or is that old-time!) favorites.


  1. Sawyer! Jin! Sayid! Aaaahhhh....
    You have excellent taste in men and in TV shows. :-)

    (I've been kind of finding Ecko cool too. I hope he didn't get blown up in that last episode!)

  2. Janet...I love your blog! I might try this "wordplay"...sounds like fun!

  3. L - is for like-minded. Are we identical twins, separated at birth? Lulu was my all-time-favorite cat, and three cats later, I still miss her. Yeah for left overs (I hate to cook too). Sweet lavender and delicious lemons! Ok, talked me into it... I'll post some of these too. ;>)

  4. deb - Glad you agree....and Ecko is good, too.

    vicci - Thank you! Jump right in and have some wordplay fun.

    robin - Separated at birth....I wondered where you were all these years!! And I'm happy to hear you're joining in, too. More fun!!

  5. I gotta say I'm a Jack fan. Oh sure he's kinda meant to be the hero and everyone is meant to like him, but I find it interesting that he is sort of the glue for the show and yet his part was not ever meant to make it past the pilot episode.

    Have a wonderful day dear one!

    Wow most difficult word verification that I have ever seen! zqtwvsk all in very twirly letters. I wonder if I will get it on the first try *smile*

  6. m.m.m.5:26 PM

    Fun list mom!

  7. Hi , you can always check out this site for any help with words for scrabble ..


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