Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Letter "J"

Once again it's time for the next installment of wordplay. If you want to know more about this you can click the "Wordplay" button on the right side of my blog or you can go directly to Laume's blog and read about it.

J - is for me....Janet! And also for "just bee-cause"

J - is for James....One of my uncles, and my paternal great-grandfather.

J - is for Joseph, my maternal great-grandfather. He was married to Martha

J - is for jacket. I love jackets and coats and sweaters and live in a climate where I seldom wear any of these items.

J - is also for jeans, blue if you please, and I wear these almost daily. I prefer the boot cut and I don't like the low-rise. I'm way past the time of wanting to show my belly button!!

J - is for jam and jelly and jello, all of which I eat occasionally. Flavors would include grape, blackberry, or apricot for jam or jelly and watermelon for jello!!

J - is for jambalaya. I didn't know what it was until I was older. I just thought it was something funny that Hank Williams sang about, along with a crawfish pie! Hey, I'm a gal from the Midwest! What can I tell ya!!

J - is for jig saw, the tool not the puzzle. I like doing the puzzles but I'd really like to have a jig saw (tool) and learn how to use it.

J - is for jealous. This is a waste of time as far as I'm concerned.

J - is for junior. Hb's son is a "junior"....even though HB doesn't like his name he gave it to his son!`

J - is for just for fun....the reason I do most of the things I do!!

J - is for jardiniere. I just like this word! And I like containers of all kinds so this works for me.

J - is for jingle jangle. Jangly jewelry always reminds me of my Aunt Dotti


  1. Love it!!! I want to play. especially love the jealous comment (waste of time!)and doing things for fun part!!!--Lia

  2. J is for Justin Timberlake ..duh..


    oh yeah.. and JAGGER!

    Neat picture of you mom! ~m.

  3. J is also for June - the month we're in... :)

  4. Janet....I enjoyed my visit! and will be visiting often....j is for birthday month! Hugs, Vicci

  5. J is for joyful - how I feel when I read your blog. Thanks for posting your letters.. I enjoy them so much.


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