Friday, June 16, 2006

A little bit of potpourri....

First of all let me thank all the wonderful people who dropped by my blog yesterday. And they left comments, too. I guess it's silly to constantly look for comments but I still do. I visit so many blogs on a fairly regular basis, and leave comments each time....I just think it's common courtesy. It's one of the things I've learned from blogging.

Now on to some other things! Lest you all think I've forgotten about the black and white afghan for my daughter....not a chance! I haven't got as much done on it as I would have liked (too many other things going on recently) but I have still beeen adding a few pieces every few days. In case you've forgotten what it will look like when I (finally) finish....

And here's a little progress photo so show I have made a few more pieces....

Only four more circles to do; eight more of one section; and 19 of the other! I sure hope this goes together without too much trouble. I've made afghans in pieces before but they were always squares! These are all either circles or parts of circles. Oh well, it will certainly be a learning experience!

On the subject of crochet, I saw an interesting scarf on whipup and it led me to the website of a very interesting crocheter. Check out Twinkie's Fridge for some fun, food-related crochet. It may not be your thing but you have to admire the creativity involved. I think they're cute and if I were younger I would wear them! Naturally when I saw the Peas and Carrots you know who I thought of!!

That reminds me....SWHP (She Who Hates Peas) has given me permission to reveal her real name....Molly. I didn't use her name until I got her permission. And I always forgot to ask her about it until just the other day. I guess with her store open, and lots of advertisement happening it's ok to know her name. I happen to like her name (that's why she has it!)

Lots of random bits and pieces today but sometimes that's just how my brain works. I'm just thrilled that I was able to upload a couple of photos!


  1. That looks like a really great pattern. Perhaps you've already said but I'm too lazy to look back....what book is this?

  2. The round pieces and the not so round ones look great. It's going to be a beautiful afghan.

  3. Hm.. this one might have a hard time making it to the shop! I just want to keep everything you make for the shop Mom.. you will just have to make 2 of everything! You've got time..right? heehee

  4. kathy - sent you an email with the info

    pirk -'s going to be a challenge to see if all the pieces will fit together!

    m - no problem! that's two of everything....right? Heehee for sure!!


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